Why You Need Recruitment Marketing in Your Firm

Now more than ever, it is important to focus on recruiting tools and trends to make sure you don’t fall behind the competition. One of the biggest trends that your firm should adopt is the use of Recruitment Marketing. Recruitment Marketing, also called Inbound Recruiting, is the process of attracting, assessing, and engaging with talented individuals to your organization using marketing tactics and methods.

The main purpose of Recruitment Marketing is to improve your Employer Brand, or your reputation as an employer. In the marketing world, Inbound Marketing is the process of generating leads and revenue, mostly through Social Media marketing and search engine optimization (SEO), to attract customers. Taking a Recruitment approach to Inbound Marketing is an effective tool to organically attract talent and to drive people to apply to your company’s available positions.

With the steady growth of technology, it is crucial to your firm’s success to implement Recruitment Marketing in 2019. Here are a few ways that you can start to incorporate Recruitment Marketing successfully in your firm:

Content Marketing

One of the biggest reasons why companies are using Recruitment Marketing is to make job seekers want to apply to their jobs. One easy way to make your company stand out is through the use of content marketing. By posting pictures in the office, employee quotes about their experience and creating interesting (and even funny) content, you can give your office a personality that will stand out and appeal to top talent. Posting photos and videos of your company’s culture can help candidates envision themselves working for you.

Social Media Recruiting

59% of employees say a company’s social media presence is one of the main reasons they chose to apply to their current job. We have reached a point where social media recruiting is a must-have for anyone looking to recruit new talent. Sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and many others can lead you to candidates that you wouldn’t have found elsewhere from more traditional sources. Not only can you use social media to post open positions, but you can also take advantage of this platform to organically promote your company’s culture.

Promote Organically

Organic marketing is the best way to develop your brand image and interact authentically with prospective applicants. Your employees are your best bet when you are trying to organically promote your company and your culture. By having employees share your posts on their social media, your employer brand can tremendously improve and make your company more desirable to potential candidates.

In this day and age, recruiters can no longer post an open position and wait for the applications to roll in. Instead, using effective Recruitment Marketing strategies can help you find the top talent that you are looking for.

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