Why You Should Choose a Cloud Based Recruitment Software

When first asked what the “cloud” is, a majority will respond that it’s either an actual cloud in the sky or something related to weather (Citrix Cloud survey guide).  While yes, those puffy white things in the sky are indeed clouds, there is something much larger and very different that shares the same name. Commonly referred to as the “cloud,” this storage solution is a multi-layer technological environment.  The layers include a front-end and a back-end.  The front-end layers of the cloud include the interface tools that users have access to and the back-end is the data center that hosts all of the information stored. Cloud computing has changed the way businesses large and small operate.

With the creation and implementation of cloud technology, the playing field has been greatly leveled between large and small companies.  Historically, larger companies have been at an advantage of being able to afford the latest and often more expensive software technology. Cloud technology has changed that; making the latest software available and accessible to large and small businesses alike.  Cloud technology is also reputably affordable. Many cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) companies offer competitive pricing per user and allow you to pay for exactly what you need.  Even with this welcomed affordability, you can still expect high quality, reliable products.  Cloud-based products are constantly being used so any issues that do come up, are resolved almost immediately, allowing for more time spent working and less time dealing with unnecessary and inconvenient software updates.

Another great benefit financially, as well as timely, is the automatic update feature that cloud software offers;  no having to purchase new licenses or wait for IT to install it on to your hard drive.  Cloud based software is also able to update automatically or manually depending on how you choose to set up the updates.

Cloud based software is also arguably more secure than traditional approaches.  Skeptics of the security of a cloud based system often argue that because of where your data is stored, on servers and systems that you don’t own or control, that it is less secure.  This simply is not the case; control of the location does not equal security. In fact, control over access is where the real security is.   How to gain access to these servers and systems is where cloud based security systems continue to deliver higher quality protection.  Cloud based software companies understand that security is a major concern for businesses and continue to focus heavily on creating and sustaining the highest levels of data security on the market by limiting access and continuously exercising vulnerability testing.

Many businesses can benefit from a cloud based technology including recruitment firms.  By having access to data without having to store it locally, means that you have the ability to access data from any device, anywhere at anytime.  The added opportunity to customize and innovate your system to fit your business is a valued feature within cloud based software.  With an open API code, you the user are able to automate processes and communication among different systems as well as platforms.  This allows you to really customize and tailor your software to your business. TrackerRMS offers a software solution that is tailored for your business with all the great features of a cloud based technology. Schedule a demo today!  Embracing this innovative technology will be your best investment moving into the future, as there is a 100% chance of clouds.

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