Zipwhip Texting with Tracker Integration

Texting for Tracker integration enabling the sharing of text message conversations organization-wide to collaborate smarter and fill positions faster.
ZipWhip for Tracker Video Webinar

Why use Zipwhip & Tracker?

Get the Attention of Candidates

Avoid being one more email that ends up as spam or junk, or a phone call that gets sent straight to voicemail. Texting allows you to get your message in front of a candidate and viewed quickly, which allows for greater visibility.

Send Bulk Job Alerts & Notifications

Quickly send a BCC message to groups of up to 100 contacts to alert candidates to a new job opportunity as soon as you receive it.

Increase Collaboration & Improve Tracking

Ensure that all incoming and outgoing text messages are tracked against a contact’s record, so as your team is reaching out to potential clients or candidates, they aren’t blindsided by conversations that were missed or not logged in the system.

    In this webinar, Mike Wood of Zipwhip, hosted by Ashley Bowlin of Tracker, discusses the key benefits and technical considerations of texting with Tracker and the Zipwhip integration, for recruitment and staffing.


    View this on-demand webinar to learn how the texting integration works within Tracker and how to implement texting for recruitment with these industry-leading tools.

    Want to Learn More?

    Request a demo of Zipwhip to see how you can make more placements, faster with Zipwhip for Tracker.

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