Automation by Tracker

Do More, by Doing Less.

Why Automation by Tracker?

Reclaim Zillions of Hours by Automating Tasks & Communications

Save All the Money Because Automation by Tracker is Included in Tracker

Increase Speed to Market, Reduce Time to Fill, and Make More Hires

Build Better Relationships with Candidates, Clients, and Your Employees

What is Automation by Tracker?

Automate Tasks

Rocket boost activity with Workflow Automations for boosting activity, enhancing productivity, and cutting out busy work. Do more, by doing less.

Automate Communications

Put communications in hyper drive and automatically launch candidates through your recruitment funnel with automated email and text sequences.

Automate Candidate Matching

Take the busy work out of matching by automatically (and intelligently) bouncing candidates off your open jobs, automatically filling your funnel.

Automate Job Board Sourcing

Source candidates in your sleep as Watchdogs crawl job boards every night to find new candidates, process them and automatically engage them. 

Automate Sales & Client Nurturing

Amp up sales, repeat orders, and client satisfaction with automations to nurture prospects, progress leads, and engage clients. Then don’t look back!

Automate Data Updates

Recover, build and enhance your data by automatically updating records across the business through web forms, surveys, activities, and more.

How to Use Automations by Tracker with Real Examples and Use Cases to Boost Your Staffing and Recruiting Firm's Productivity.

How to Automate Tasks

With Automation by Tracker, your team can add automation to sequences across candidates, client contacts, leads, placements, and more.


Minimize busy work while boosting activity with Workflow Automations for a variety of tasks across your recruitment and sales funnels.


Do more, by doing less.

Take the Busy Work Out Of...
  • Updating Candidate Status, Owner, Availability, and More​
  • Gathering & Updating Candidate Resumes​
  • Sending Notifications & Reminders to Recruiters ​
  • Collecting Compliance Data, Job Preferences, and More ​
  • Sending Event-Triggered Surveys​
  • Updating Client and Lead Status, Etc
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How to Automate Communications

With Automation by Tracker, your team can automate communication sequences that you use across your processes.


From candidate nurturing and onboarding to client lead prospecting and beyond, your team can automate the emails, text, and workflows they use every day.


Build better communications.

Take the Busy Work Out Of...
  • Sending Candidate Engagement Sequences
  • Welcoming New Candidate Applicants
  • Onboarding New Candidates
  • Notifying Placement and Shift Updates
  • Sending Event-Triggered Surveys​
  • Nurturing Clients with Sequences
  • Working Your Sales Pipeline and Leads

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Using tracker changed the way we ran our daily processes. It has improved efficiency and has allowed us to grow and expand our business with ease

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