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7 Ways Automation Can Help You Crush 2024

Are you ready to help your team crush its 2024 recruitment targets? Well, the question is not if you need to implement automation; it’s more a question of when. Automation...
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Creating Effective Job Postings

Finding the perfect hire in today’s job market can feel like a wild goose chase. No wonder recruiters rely on job postings to broaden their reach and hook highly qualified...
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The Long Game: How to Keep Your Talent Pipeline Organically Healthy

Everyone wants instant results, especially when it comes to recruitment. Hirers want their positions filled yesterday. Candidates are desperate to end uncertainty and take their next career step. But quickfire...
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The Art of Candidate Sourcing: Summary

In today’s recruiting landscape, staying ahead requires a strategic approach, especially since skills shortages and candidate scarcity have become the norm. Our recent five-part series on the Art of Candidate...
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Transform Your ATS and Rocket Boost Your Business

If you are getting more stress from your ATS than success, check out these 5 ways to turn your ATS into a booster of your firm’s #recruitment rockets. 🚀 Think...
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The Art of Candidate Sourcing Part 5: Automation

Join us in this installment of our comprehensive blog series to explore the unparalleled power and benefits of automated tools, reshaping the landscape of candidate sourcing.  Let’s delve into ‘The...
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The Art of Candidate Sourcing Part 4: Leveraging Social Media

Traditional candidate-sourcing avenues are no longer hitting the mark. With talent thin on the ground, it is time for recruiters to cast a wider net, experiment, and revamp sourcing strategies....
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The Art of Candidate Sourcing Part 3: Proactive Matching, Sourcing and Posting

Are you at your wits end in the search for great candidates? Is this you? Talent is hard to find, and reputation is on the line. Poor skill matching has...
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The Art of Candidate Sourcing Part 2: Inbound Marketing

Your inbound marketing funnel is an essential part of your marketing strategy. In recruitment, it plays a vital role in sourcing and growing relationships with candidates and clients. By aligning...
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The Art of Candidate Sourcing Part 1: Passive Candidates and Referrals

Recruiters not focusing on expanding candidate sourcing risk shrinking their talent pool in the coming years. The recruiting climate remains undeniably difficult, with skills shortages and candidate scarcity showing no...
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The Challenges Recruiters Must Know When Implementing Automation

There has never been a more challenging yet exciting time to be in recruitment. On the one hand, a tight job market and talent scarcity make a recruiter’s job increasingly...
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The Latest Tech Trends Transforming Recruitment in 2023

Technology and automation are the most significant opportunities for recruiters in 2023, according to an industry survey of more than 400 staffing professionals by Staffing Hub. If we consider the daily...
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