Reporting & Dashboards

Actionable Analytics for Data-driven Hiring Decisions and Business Growth


Tracker provides a full suite of standard reports to access critical information across your business and processes quickly.

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Custom Reporting

Every field of data within Tracker is available to you to build Custom Reports using tables, charts, or trend reporting.

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Scheduled Reporting

Get your favorite reports automatically collated and delivered daily, weekly, or monthly to your inbox.

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KPI's & Lifecycle

Tracker’s vast library of standard KPIs and lifecycle “Widgets” enable you to quickly build and share critical performance information.

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Big Screens

Relay the full power of your operations to your remote teams via our Big Screen Dashboards using our built-in Widgets and Custom Reporting.

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Commission Reporting

Let Tracker automatically calculate your consultants’ commissions using custom bands based on placements or temporary contracts.

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User Targets

Create financial and KPI-based user targets for review instantly at the user, team, department, or company level.

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Start Building Better Insight.

Check out how our integrated ATS, CRM, and Recruitment Automation Software helps improve visibility and business understanding with actionable analytics.


At Tracker, we understand that insights and analytics have the fundamental power to change how a job is performed. That’s why we take the output of Tracker every bit as seriously as the processes. Our dashboards give you instant access to the critical data and metrics required to review, monitor, and improve your business.


Functionality allows you to combine information for your whole enterprise or pull data for different geo-locations and teams, which you can feed into unlimited Dashboards.


Smart filters allow you to select individuals, teams, or departments, and date ranges to display consistent dashboards for any combination of people and time periods. Share Dashboards with anyone on your team.


The Dashboards load data from a library containing a vast array of standard Widgets, KPIs, and any custom reports you have created or saved lists, so you get a unique view of your organization, including company overviews, team vs team, or individual performances.


Combine any number of your favorite Dashboards and relay them to Big Screens anywhere in the world at no extra cost to keep your entire organization up to date and on the same page.

Operational Visibility for Growth

  • Unlimited Dashboards
  • A Vast (ever-growing) Library of Widgets
  • Integrated Custom Reports
  • Smart Filtering
  • Share with anyone
  • Easy to Use

Custom Reporting

We want our clients to be able to make the absolute most of the precious data in their Tracker system. Our Custom Reporting allows you to build reports using any of the data in Tracker. The custom reports wizard offers summary, matrix, and trend reports in table, chart, or trend line formats.


View reports individually or as part of a series on a Dashboard, or export in either image or data format to Excel, CSV, PDF, PNG, and many other formats.


Using Report2Excel, you can generate dynamic links to crucial reports created in Tracker and insert them as data feeds directly into your Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. Spreadsheets can be updated in real-time from Tracker independently without a license, making this Tracker feature perfect for board reporting or client-specific scorecard reporting.


Your Tracker data can be broken down into simple, logical report views, and our reporting wizard helps select columns, filters, and output formats to get your report data rich and presented perfectly, too. Our filtering has been created with dynamic calendar logic so that “This Week” is always current. Complex filtering using AND, OR, and grouping filters means no third-party reporting tools are required.

Your Data, Your Way

  • Custom Reporting as Standard
  • Tables, Charts and Trend Reporting
  • Add Directly to Dashboards
  • Export in any Data/Image Format
  • Report2Excel for Dynamic Spreadsheets
  • Dynamic Calendar and Sophisticated Filtering

Scheduled Reporting

Use Tracker’s Scheduled Reporting feature to collate a series of standard or custom-built reports and email them directly to the whole team or selected individuals.


Schedules can be set from any given date and sent Daily, Weekly, or Monthly, or our frequency option allows you to set the period, for example, every two weeks or three months.


Select and place the Custom Reports you have built, or those shared with you, into a schedule. The schedule can then be amended to change the order they appear in or the recipients receiving them.


Our Quick Scheduled Report builder lets you create a new schedule using your custom reports. You can even get your custom-built Dashboard emailed to you, ready for when you wake up on a Monday morning.

Reporting Convenience

  • Select Multiple Reports to Send in a Single Email
  • Send in the Body of an Email or as an Attachment
  • Send to Multiple People
  • Schedule Periodicity to Daily, Weekly, or Monthly
  • Set the Frequency of Delivery
  • Quick Schedule from Dashboard

KPI's & Lifecycle

Recruiting KPIs are essential for measuring the effectiveness of your hiring process and recruiting team. Our KPI metrics and analytics use data to provide insights into how close or far you are from achieving your recruitment goals.


Tracker’s system provides a range of standard KPIs and Lifecycle Widgets to track achievement. Predictive analytics are also built into our KPIs to forecast success or failure, enabling your managers to head problems off before they arise.


Viewing KPIs together enables you to get a complete picture. Our unique Lifecycle Charts show three key metrics – Quantity, Quality, and Velocity. Consider the metric of resumes sent to clients. Just because one consultant sends more resumes than another, it doesn’t necessarily mean they are moving more candidates to interview. Overall performance quality might be lower. Tracker gives you a rounded view. 


All of Tracker’s KPIs have associated targets, enabling you to focus on specific aspects of a user’s role. Targets can be adjusted over time to fine-tune obligations and help individual recruiters concentrate on optimizing their time.

Measuring Effectiveness, Driving Success

  • Over 50+ Standard Widgets
  • Predictive Analytics for Greater Insight
  • User Targets at Financial and Activity level
  • Fully Flexible Filtering in the Same Widget
  • Share with Users or on Big Screens

Big Screens

Big Screen tech increases conversation, improves engagement, and is an excellent vehicle for information sharing and creating collaborative workspaces. Tracker’s Big Screen Dashboards bring the power of information from Tracker to the big screen.


Build custom dashboards, including our extensive library of popular KPIs, Charts, and Custom Reports, and have multiple dashboard screens seamlessly beamed to the big screens across all your offices.


Keep your team up to speed in real-time with insights on performance and promote that competitive edge.


Set Big Screen Dashboards to display any of our color themes to stay on brand, and you can have as many dashboards as you want on a constant loop, so your teams are always up to date on the latest information in Tracker.


A whole raft of metrics can be dragged and dropped into your Big Screen Dashboards to promote more competitive interaction. Staff can earn XP points for achieving certain milestones, and our “Deal Flash” feature with customizable imagery and soundbites from your favorite song enables you to celebrate successes!


Unlike similar products that only capture headline snapshot data, Tracker offers accurate real-time granular reporting directly to the office wall.

Bring Your Insights to the Wall

  • Unlimited Big Screens
  • Unlimited Dashboards on each Big Screen
  • Secure Big Screen Link
  • Adjustable for any Display Device
  • Key Metrics at Company, Department, Team, or Individual level

Commission Reporting

Tracker makes Commission Reporting simple. Automatically calculate the commissions due to consultants based on the critical factors measured in your business, be that Jobs, Fixed Placements, Temporary Contractor Timesheets, Invoices processed, or a combination of all four.


Define your commission banding and select flat or tiered banding according to your structure. Select date ranges according to the frequency of your commission payments and produce commission reports in PDF format to send to your consultants detailing exactly which Jobs or Contractors make up their payments.


We support ownership percentages at both Job and Placement levels and gross or net profits so each consultant can have varying amounts Job-by-Job or Placement-by-Placement to make up their available pool for commission.


View real-time reports at any time to monitor progression against targets. Tracker’s reports provide a vital tool for validating commissionable business and shares across the team at the period end. Since our Commission Reports pull real-time data from within Tracker, they are highly accurate and consistent.

Accurate Commission Reporting the Easy Way

  • Custom Commission Bands
  • Flat or Tiered Rate Banding
  • Any Timeframe and any User
  • Simple Commission Report Export
  • Covers Jobs, Placements, Temps, and Invoicing
  • Automatically Calculates Net Profit

User Targets

User Targets are essential for accurately measuring achievement and providing clarity to recruiters on where they need to be. Tracker enables you to set User Targets on both financial and activity-based levels.


Financial targets cover Sales and Revenue, which is vital for measuring contract value and cash flow. Our rolling target feature enables you to track month by month and across months to give broader context, i.e., where users may have one bad month followed by a good month.


Our KPI widgets track user targets daily so users can progress; targets can be adjusted accordingly. This means historic KPIs always show the achievement at a specific point, but targets can also be tracked as they change over time.

Optimize User Targets

  • Sales & Revenue Targets
  • Monthly and Rolling Targets
  • Activity KPIs Trackable by the Day
  • Historic Targets Preserved for Comparison

Better Reporting, Improved Outcomes, Greater Success

See how Tracker can ensure practical and insightful reporting for recruitment success. Schedule a Demo of the Tracker platform for a customized assessment of your firm’s needs and start capitalizing on your recruitment data to grow.

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