Sourcing & Job Boards

Build Better Candidate Pipelines and Increase Your Job Posting Reach

Job Board Post

Save your team hours of time each week by not having to author and post to multiple job boards and process applicants in the inbox

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Job Board Search

Search your favorite job boards alongside your Tracker Candidates from one screen and one results list, all de-duplicated and ranked

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Boolean & Semantic Search

Create simple or complex Boolean searches across all data sources with the assistance of fully customizable Semantics to get the best results

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Embrace 24/7 recruitment by letting Tracker automatically crawl and monitor the Job Boards for new Candidates as you sleep

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Auto Match

Never miss a vacancy again by constantly matching new Candidates to your open jobs whenever or wherever they come from

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Job Sourcing

Keep an eye on new jobs for your clients or your geography and build pipeline automatically with our Job Sourcing technology

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Automatically optimize and distribute your Job postings with our Jobs+ service which sits seamlessly alongside your existing website

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Leverage your own database for faster placements, and unlock the value of your talent pool.

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Job Board Post

Job Board Post is one of the most critical aspects in the recruitment lifecycle, ensuring that your Jobs attract the best talent from over 1000+ job boards around the world.


Tracker’s job board posting starts with a fully automated parsing of the job specification, creating a post-ready version that you can instantly post to your own website using our simple integrated job publishing function, or push out to any of your subscribed job boards from a single page.


We format and complete all standard job board fields for you meaning that in a few clicks, your Job is online and attracting candidates.


With our fully integrated partnerships with the leading job boards such as Indeed and Monster, multi-posters such as Broadbean and LogicMelon, and social media channel including Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, your core posting service is included in our Job Board plan meaning no 3rd party contracts required. 


As candidates apply for your job, be that from any job board, we collect the applicants and present them to you within the Job so you can see all of your Long Listed, Job Board Search and Job Board Post Applicants in one place and quickly review and download them as official Candidates.  No more trawling through your inbox every morning!


On top of this, new applicants can be auto-mated to other open Jobs ensuring you maximise their potential the second they arrive in Tracker.


* Please note that you still require subscriptions to Job Boards to integrate post

In a nutshell...

  • Auto creation of Post-Ready Job
  • Fully integrated Job Board Post
  • Post to over 1000+ Job Boards*
  • Direct free integration to Indeed
  • Post to Social Media
  • Broadbean or LogicMelon included in our license
  • Automatic collection of Applicants with Auto-Parse option
  • Bulk email rejections or acceptance to Applicants
  • Instant Shortlist, Long List, Keep or Reject Applicants

Boolean & Semantic Search

Boolean Search is an essential part of the recruitment process and although some Consultants may be better than others at constructing these, our Candidate Search page makes this simpler for everyone by providing a Boolean builder and full semantic search function.


Our Boolean Search can range from simple AND and OR searches right down to fuzzy logic, weighted terms parenthesised terms and proximity searches for the more advanced.  And because our internal ranking methodology combines Boolean with machine learning, the ability to provide highly accurate ranking based on the relevance, prevalence and recency of the terms you are searching, along with Tracker’s history of success with each and every Candidate, you receive unrivaled intelligent results in a fraction of a second.


Semantics is also becoming more critical for recruiters for a number of reasons, the main ones being the sheer combination of terms that “should” make up a comprehensive search; especially in an age where acronyms for both skills are roles are so widely used.


Our in-built Semantic search engine puts you in control of the terms that matter to your business.  You can use templated semantics dictionaries for key industries or create/update your own.  This is especially helpful is assisting new Consultants or Resources in building high quality searches or for the seasoned professional to build out complete job titles using simple acronyms.

In a nutshell...

  • Boolean Builder of Full Boolean Editor
  • Apply to Tracker and Job Boards in one go
  • Combine with Profile/Advanced Search
  • Sophisticated Ranking Methodology
  • Customizable Semantics Engine
  • Used within Jobs or Quick Filtering Candidates
  • Supports Fuzzy, Weighted and Proximity Searches
  • Search terms color-highlighted in results


Performing a Job Board search is only ever as current as the time you run that search, but what about those Candidates that come onto the Job Boards or update their details in the weeks following that search which will be relevant for as long as that Job is openly worked?


This is where Watchdogs play a part in our strive for 24/7 recruitment!


Watchdogs allow your consultants to configure a sophisticated search in their Job and with 2 clicks can tell Tracker to watch each job board ongoing for a few days in order to capture any new Candidate that may appear automatically from that point on.


Watchdogs can be started Job by Job, or generic Watchdogs can be setup to scan the job boards for any new Candidates within a specific geography and/or with specific skills.  Coupled with our Auto-Match feature you can ensure that relevant candidates are found and matched to your open jobs with zero touch, ensuring your Consultants are armed with the best and most recent Candidates constantly.


On top of this, our Watchdogs offer Auto-Parse and Auto-Engage which are game-changers for recruiters!  Put simply, your open Jobs can crawl the job boards every night to find new Candidates, process them and automatically send them a personalized email from the Consultant requesting a call back first thing in the morning.  Again with zero touch!

In a nutshell...

  • Job level or Generic Watchdogs
  • Full range of job board search fields available
  • On screen alerts to Consultants when new Candidates found
  • Up to 10 Watchdogs per user - free of charge
  • Simple icons to show which Jobs have Watchdogs
  • Access your Watchdogs directly from the main menu

Auto Match

Auto Match is designed to ensure that all Candidates placed in Tracker and checked against your open jobs constantly.


By performing a reverse search, we can compare the resumes of all new Candidates against the search criteria defined on open jobs and alert Consultants that they may be suitable for their role automatically.


These Candidates can be placed into a special “Auto-Matched” status, distinguishing clearly between the 3 key group of Candidates coming into Jobs, namely Auto-Matched, Applied and Shortlisted.  This helps Consultants prioritize the Candidates they approach whilst clearly indicating their source.


So with Job Board Post Applicants, Job Board Search, Watchdogs, Website Applications and Auto Match as standard in Tracker, you will never miss a Candidate again, achieving maximum chance of success.

In a nutshell...

  • Works seamlessly in the background
  • Compares Candidates no matter how they enter Tracker
  • Clear alerts and segmentation in the Shortlist
  • Configurable based on skills, location etc.

Job Sourcing

Today’s labor market moves fast. Recruiters must hone in on the right opportunities and quickly convert them into revenue. That’s a challenge when massive amounts of time are spent searching for profitable clients and suitable placements.


Our partner, Textkernel’s Jobfeed changes the game by simplifying business development and placement.


This smart tool lets the data do the heavy lifting, freeing recruiters from the endless search.


With our fully integrated Job Sourcing it’s easy to target your existing and new customers, offer candidates relevant opportunities, and even tap into market trends.  We will watch your key customer websites or your geography for Jobs you can fill, creating Leads automatically.


Your Consultants will start their day with new pipeline opportunities which is the key to being on the pulse of the labor market and boosting fill rates to completely new levels.

In a nutshell...

  • Millions of available Jobs anywhere in the world
  • Automatic monitoring and creation of Leads
  • Insights into the Customer and Market
  • Find Prospective Jobs for your prized Candidates


Automatically optimize and distribute your Job postings with our Jobs+ service.


Jobs+ is a supplemental service which includes built-in technology that makes it easy to distribute jobs, not only to your own website, but also to leading job boards and aggregator sites.


Job postings are automatically SEO’d or Search Optimized, giving you the best possible opportunity of ranking high on Google and other search engines. All of your jobs in the Jobs+ environment are Google for Jobs optimized.


Additionally, you can alert candidates automatically by email when new job opportunities appear on your career site, as well as, Jobs+ can be configured with your existing social media systems such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and more.


Jobs+ remains at the cutting edge of emerging technology and trends, and with Tracker, your career site will remain up to date with the latest software changes and updates.  Unlike other recruitment agency website providers, we build our sites using WordPress, not proprietary software!

In a nutshell...

  • Automatic optimization and distribution
  • Job Posting SEO
  • Automated Candidate Alerts
  • Fully Branded Website
  • Based on WordPress platform, NOT proprietary

Job Distribution

Search Optimized

Google for Jobs

Automatic Job Alerts

Updates & Security


With semantic-driven candidate searching and matching, organizations looking for talent can transform their processes to increase business value from the entire talent lifecycle.


Enjoy high accuracy rates with the ability to identify matches between people and jobs. Our partnership with Textkernel’s technology ensure that your recruiters are alerted when the right candidates and matches are made.


Start your search with a shortlist of matching past applicants and automatically turn a job requisition into a search. This revolutionary tech will empower your recruiters and help them place more candidates, more quickly.

In a nutshell...

  • Intuitive interface
  • Match both jobs to candidates, and candidates to jobs
  • Powerful semantic search
  • Completely integrated within Tracker

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