Feature Roundup

Feature Roundup

The Functionality You Need in a Recruitment Platform. All in One Platform.

Recruitment ATS & CRM

Recruitment, applicant tracking (ATS), and candidate relationship management (CRM) to rocket boost recruitment and candidate experiences.


Sales CRM

Sales software and client relationship management (CRM) to build better client relationships and close more sales leads.



Rocket boost activity with Automations directly in Tracker for boosting activity, enhancing productivity, and cutting out busy work.



Marketing functionality and marketing automation built directly into Tracker to help recruitment and sales teams build better campaigns and results.


Job Boards

Complete integration with job boards to enable better candidate pipelines and increase the reach of each of your firm’s job postings, with one click.


Remote Collaboration

Empowering your team’s internal and external remote collaboration through intelligent features to build better efficiencies and improve teamwork.


Back Office

Connect your processes and build better onboarding and contractor care with a software that is truly integrated (and all in one place). 



All-in-one temp and contractor management suite with scheduler, shift management, candidate app, compliance module, and more.



Increase your staffing agency’s productivity and improve efficiency through data automation between Tracker and your Vendors.



Gain better business understanding and actionable insights with Tracker’s user-friendly reporting and dynamic dashboard creator.



Recruitment & Applicant Tracking Features

  • Complete Applicant Tracking System (ATS)
  • Unlimited Records
  • Customizable Recruitment Workflow
  • Job Management
  • Candidate Sendouts/Submittals
  • Resume Parsing
  • Full Text, Boolean, Profile & Semantic Search
  • “AI” Ranking Engine
  • Skills Profiling
  • Long listing & Shortlisting
  • Auto-Match New Candidates to Open Jobs
  • Candidate Prospecting
  • Interview Management
  • Website Integration
  • VMS Integration*
  • Mobile Recruitment

Sales & CRM Features

  • Complete Recruitment CRM
  • Unlimited Records
  • Sales Workflow & Lead Management
  • Task and Activity Tracking
  • Email, Letter & Text Templates
  • Auto-Attachments
  • Bulk Email & Text*
  • Access on PC/Mobile/Tablet
  • Custom Fields
  • Custom Screen Layout Designer
  • Custom Branding, Color Scheme & Navigation
  • Custom KPI Dashboards & Report Builder
  • Custom Forms (eSignature) & RightSignature*
  • Custom Task Boards
  • Invoicing & Payments
  • Products & Services Catalogue
  • 2-Way Text Messages*
  • Internal Document & Media Library
  • Internal Knowledge Base
  • Customized Workflows
  • Click-To-Call Support
  • Alerts & Notifications
  • User Groups, Roles, Targets and Access Management
  • Audit History, Network Security & 2FA
  • Multi-Currency
  • Mandatory Fields
  • Integration Services
  • Free Excel Data Importer
  • Power Search & LinkedIn X-Ray Search
  • Outlook Add-on
  • Gmail Add-on
  • LinkedIn Chrome Extension
  • Office365/Gmail/SMTP Email Integration

Reporting & Data Management

Reporting & Dashboards

  • Dashboards
  • Custom Reporting
  • KPI’s & Lifecycle
  • Big Screens
  • Commission Reporting
  • User Targets

Data Management

  • Access to Data Management Tools
  • Qualitative Data Finder
  • Dead Record Finder
  • Incomplete Record Finder
  • Non-Communication Finder
  • Bulk Options to Export, email, Opt-Out or Delete Records
  • Custom Data Management Scripts for Common Tasks

GDPR/CCPA Compliance

  • Free GDPR/CCPA Declaration Page
  • Automatic Communication Preference Update
  • On Screen Preference Indicators for Email, Text, Phone
  • Tools to Support Full GDPR/CCPA Obligations

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Tracker's Recruitment ATS & CRM

*some features will require the additional purchase of 3rd party partner software that is integrated with the Tracker platform.

Automation Features

Sequences & Automation

  • Unlimited Sequences
  • Customized Email, Text* and Workflow Sequences
  • Fully Personalized to Contacts and Candidates
  • Actionable Sentiment Analysis (positive/negative replies)
  • Sequences Dashboard
  • Support for SPF/DKIM

Automate Sequences of

  • Emails
  • SMS
  • Workflows
  • Notifications
  • Tasks

Apply Automations to

  • Candidates
  • Clients
  • Leads
  • Placements
  • and More

Auto Match

Automated Candidate to Job Matching

  • Auto-Match Candidates to Jobs
  • Fully Customizable
  • Configurable Matching Criteria

Watch Dogs

Automated Job Board Sourcing

  • Job Specific or Generic Watchdogs
  • On-Screen Alerts
  • Up to 10 Watchdogs per User
  • Auto-Parse
  • Auto-Engage

Data Cleanup

Build Data by Automatically Triggering

  • Web forms
  • Surveys
  • Activities
  • and more

Learn More about Automation Features

Tracker's In-Built Sequence and Workflow Automation

*some features will require the additional purchase of 3rd party partner software that is integrated with the Tracker platform.

Marketing Features



  • Unlimited Campaigns & Emails
  • Unlimited Send Lists
  • Hosted Mail Server
  • Fully Personalized Emails
  • Merge Tags for Personalization
  • 30+ Fully Responsive Campaign Templates
  • Drag & Drop Campaign Builder
  • Track Results (Open, Click, Bounce, Engagement)
  • Built-In Unsubscribe Management
  • Campaign Date & Time Scheduler


  • SMS / Text Integrations*


  • Telesales Campaigns
  • Call Scripts
  • Click to Call
  • Call Analytics



  • Website Jobs with one line of code
  • Jobs+ to provide full SEO and Job Management*
  • Post-Ready Jobs direct from the Specification
  • Various Standard or your own Custom Themes available
  • Candidate Registration and Application Pages included
  • Resumes parsing at Registration
  • Instant Publish/Unpublish from Tracker



  • Access to Tracker & Zapier API
  • RESTful API to Read, Update and Create
  • Full Integration with Zapier (30+ Actions & Triggers)
  • API for Report Data Extraction
  • Access to Custom Web Forms
  • Unlimited Custom Web Forms
  • Customizable Web Forms for Collecting Data
  • Outlook/Gmail Addin & Integration
  • LinkedIn Chrome Extension
  • LinkedIn X-Ray Search

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Build Better Campaigns, Postings, Workflows, and More

*some features will require the additional purchase of 3rd party partner software that is integrated with the Tracker platform.

Job Board Integration Features

Job Board Posting

  • Auto Creation of Post-Ready Job
  • Fully Integrated Job Board Post
  • Post to Over 1000+ Job Boards
  • Post to Social Media
  • Broadbean Integration Included
  • LogicMelon Integration Included
  • Automatic Collection of Applicants with Auto-Parse Option
  • Bulk Email Rejections or Acceptance to Applicants
  • Direct Free Integration to Indeed
  • Instant Shortlist, Long List, Keep or Reject Applicants

Job Board Searching

  • Fully Integrated Job Board Search
  • Search Hundreds of Job Boards Simultaneously
  • Full Boolean and Advanced Search Fields
  • De-duplicated and Ranked Results
  • Auto-lookup and Flagging of Existing Candidates
  • Review and Process Job Board Resumes in Real-time
  • Bulk Short or Long List of Candidates
  • Works with Tracker Watchdogs

Search & Automated Matching

Boolean & Semantic Search

  • Full Boolean Editor
  • Search Tracker & Job Boards Together
  • Auto-Ranking
  • Customizable Semantics Search
  • Fuzzy, Weighted and Proximity Searches


  • Job Level or Generic Watchdogs
  • On-Screen Alerts
  • Up to 10 Watchdogs per User
  • Auto-Parse
  • Auto-Engage

Auto Match

  • Auto-Match Candidates to Jobs
  • Fully Customizable
  • Configurable Matching Criteria

Learn More about Job Board Integrations

Post and Search Your External Job Boards within Tracker

*some features will require the additional purchase of 3rd party partner software that is integrated with the Tracker platform.

Back Office Features

Contractor Management

Candidate Portal

  • Secure Online Access for Contractors
  • Unlimited Candidates
  • Access on Any Device
  • Timesheets & Expenses
  • Read and Upload Documents
  • Declare Availability & Request Absence

Online Time Sheets

  • Automated Approval Submissions
  • Enter Hours, Days or Clock-in/Clock-out


  • “AI” Scanning of Expense Receipts
  • Fully Customizable Expense Categories

Assignment & Project Management

  • Simple Temporary Assignments
  • Highly Complex Project Plans
  • Phases and Task Management
  • Plan to Ticker Workflow
  • C/I/R Registers
  • Card, List and Gantt Views

Candidate Planner

  • Candidate Availability by month
  • Dedicated “Runners” View
  • Instant Attendance Status Updates and History
  • Assign Candidates Based on Availability and Skills
  • See All Absence Requests

Accounting System Integration

  • QuickBooks Online & Desktop*
  • Sage Online*
  • Xero Accounting*
  • Invoicing & Payroll
  • Real-time 2-way Integration
  • File Based and Zapier API Based Support

Onboarding & Compliance


  • Build Onboarding Workflows
  • Built-in Online Custom Forms with eSignature
  • Online Web Forms to Collect Candidate Data
  • Facial Recognition Built-in to Onboarding Portal
  • Online Read and Upload Onboarding Documents


  • Collect Declaration and Online Signatures
  • Build Custom Compliance Packs
  • Online Management of Compliance Documents
  • Facial Recognition
  • GDPR / CCPA Compliance Tools

Learn More about Back Office Features

Back Office Function for Onboarding and More

*some features will require the additional purchase of 3rd party partner software that is integrated with the Tracker platform.

Shifts Features

Shift Creator

  • Quickly Build Shift Profiles
  • Attach Shift Profiles to Jobs

Shift Planner

  • Quick Search Candidates to Assign to Shift
  • Drag-and-Drop Candidates to Shifts

Candidate Finder

  • Smart Match Triggered when Shift is Clicked
  • Complex Algorithm for Matching

Compliance Module

  • Track Compliance Items of Interest
  • Block Shift Assignments, as needed

Shift Dashboard

  • View Check-In/Outs
  • Monitor Compliance
  • View Candidate App Downloads

Key Client Portal

  • Updates to See Daily Roster
  • Quickly Review and Approve Timesheets

New Candidate App

  • Candidates Manage Shifts
  • Check-In/Out Tracking
  • Candidate Timesheets
  • Push Notifications
  • Messaging with Candidates

Candidate Pools

  • Offer Open Shifts to Candidates via App
  • Candidate Can Accept Shift Suggestions via App

Learn More about Shifts

Scheduler, Shift Management, Candidate App, Compliance Module, and More.

Collaboration Features

Video Interviews & Resumes

Video Interviews

  • Unlimited Video Interviews
  • Fully Customizable Interview Questions
  • Configurable Time-To-Answer
  • Fully Hosted Video Media
  • Internal or Client Video Interviews
  • Send Video Interviews for Review
  • Star Rating and Comments from all Reviewers

Video Resumes

  • Single or Bulk Send Video Resume Requests
  • Record on Any Device
  • Unlimited Question Sets
  • Unlimited Media Storage
  • Secure Access via the Client Portal

Video Emails

  • Use in Adhoc Emails or Templates
  • Record on Any Device
  • Automatic Thumbnails
  • Instant “Get in Touch” Option


  • Fully integrated Instant Chat between Users
  • See Who is Online within Your Organization
  • Leave a Message for Offline Users
  • Full @mentions Support to Link to Any Record
  • View Chat History
  • Multiple Concurrent Chats

Big Screens

  • Unlimited Big Screens
  • Unlimited Dashboards on Each Big Screen
  • Secure Big Screen Link
  • Share Important KPIs with Teams Anywhere in the World
  • Include KPIs at Company, Department, or Individual Level
  • Transfer Custom Dashboards Direct to Big Screen
  • Adjustable for Any Display or Device
  • Configurable Color Scheme and Scaling

Learn More about Remote Collaboration Features

Build Better Efficiencies & Improve Teamwork from Anywhere

*some features will require the additional purchase of 3rd party partner software that is integrated with the Tracker platform.

VMS Integration

Vendor Management

  • Customizable and User Friendly
  • Pick emails and feeds in the order they are received
  • Define filters and rules for every request
  • Auto Job creation in Tracker
  • Real-time updates and alerts
  • Auto-Match Candidates for new Requests

Learn More about VMS Integration

Data automation between Tracker and your Vendors

*some features will require the additional purchase of 3rd party partner software that is integrated with the Tracker platform.

Onboarding Features

Web Document & Forms

  • Web Documents
  • Web forms
  • Document Packs
  • Form Packs


  • Compliance & Facial Recognition
  • GDPR/CCPA Data Collection
  • Data Management Tools


  • RightSignature
  • Able (existing customers only)
  • More Coming

*some features will require the additional purchase of 3rd party partner software that is integrated with the Tracker platform.

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