Optimize teamwork for hiring success.

Video Interviews

Incorporate video interviewing in your recruitment process and collaborate easily with colleagues on potential new hires. Accessible on any smart device or PC.

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Video Resumes

Improve client experience using Video Resumes, capturing the true personality of your Candidates and elevating their chances of getting hired.

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Video Emails

Build better connections, enhance engagement, and improve response rates with Video Emails instead of standard text.

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Tracker’s integrated chat keeps the conversations going wherever you are for fast, efficient collaboration.

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Big Screen Dashboards

Improve team performance and make sure everyone is on the same page with Tracker’s Big Screen dashboards to share targets, KPIs, and custom reports.

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Save time, collaborate better, and work smarter.

Now more than ever, hiring requires team play. Check out how our integrated ATS, CRM, and Recruitment Automation Software helps your team gel.

Video Interviews

Empower your teams to identify candidate potential with structured video interviews. Quickly assess skills, interests, and personality and discuss within the team, in the office, via remote devices, or TrackerChat.


Our video Interviews enable you to screen at scale, fast-track decision-making, and collaborate easily with everyone on the hiring team, which means you get the right people into the right jobs faster.


Create unlimited sets of interview questions, tailor them for specific campaigns, and send them out to multiple candidates to record in their own time on any device.


Get immediate alerts for submitted interviews to review internally or send to clients.  Every reviewer can leave comments and “star-rate” each answer, giving you instant aggregate scoring for fast decision-making.


We estimate a +60% gain in interview efficiency using this methodology. Consultants’ time is saved from in-person or remote interviews, and relevant parties can review recordings instantly.

Take the Headache out of Interviewing

  • Solo Interviews
  • Specify Interview Questions
  • Unlimited Question Sets and Media Storage of Recordings
  • Create Video Shortlists
  • Instant Collaboration, Fast Decision-making
  • Secure Access via the Client Portal

Don't take our word for it...

Having used several other video interviewing tools, we have found Tracker’s Video Interviews to be the fore runner when it comes to stability and ease of use.  There is no lag, and our Candidates can record them wherever they are on their phones which for us means our business can respond quickly.  We love that it is integrated so within just 4 clicks a video interview is out the door and with the Candidate.  It really could not be simpler!

Dan Barfoot
CMD Recruitment

Video Resumes

Video Resumes make the selection process easier, elevate the client experience, and are especially valuable for recruiters in the fields of creative jobs and customer-facing roles.


Tracker’s built-in Video Resume feature provides a unique opportunity for candidates to showcase their skills.


You can set definitive questions or topics and create different sets of questions depending on job types and candidate and client preferences.


Send individual requests or bulk requests to candidates.


Candidates can record on any device and have as many Video Resumes as they like, so you can choose the most relevant one when forwarding details to clients.


Via Tracker’s Client Portal, clients can view open Jobs, view shared candidates on their shortlists, and view Resumes and Video Resumes to hone their search for the perfect hire.


Quick links enable clients to leave feedback and a star rating or instantly Hire, Reject, or request an Interview, which informs the Consultant straightaway via their Tracker To-Do-List.

Revolutionize Hiring with Video Resumes

  • Single or Bulk-send Video Resume Requests
  • Record on any Device
  • Unlimited Question Sets and Media Storage of Videos
  • Multiple Use – i.e., Registration or Speculative Sends
  • Secure Access via the Client Portal

Video Emails

Video Emails: Communication with Extra Sparkle

  • Use in Ad-hoc Emails or Email Templates
  • Record on any Device for up to 30 Seconds
  • Automatic Thumbnails
  • Instant "Get in Touch" Option

By incorporating video into your emails, you can make a great first impression, improve engagement, and provide a more personalized service to your candidates and clients.


Whether you are sending a new email, using an existing email template, or a fully responsive HTML sales template, Tracker enables you to instantly embed a Video into your email at the point you send it. You can also pre-record your video email and use it as often as you like from our email template feature.


Record up to 30 seconds using your webcam or smartphone and we automatically place a handy thumbnail into your email. Email recipients simply click on this and view their personalized message. Viewers can click to make contact with you directly from the playback page.


Standard Video Emails are valid for up to 7 days, and Video Email Templates never expire.


Why settle for simple text emails when you can embrace the power of video to create intuitive, informative, and engaging communication?


Email is a valuable tool, but people live in Chat channels nowadays. Live Chat isn’t just an excellent tool for customers, it’s also an efficient and effective medium for employees to talk to each other within the working day.


TrackerChat has instant two-way chat built into the platform so you can engage with colleagues quickly and easily and provide instant replies anytime, anywhere you are, keeping communication alive, even when working remotely.


Resolve simple queries faster and unlock efficiency gains for your business.


Combined with our @mentions feature, you can instantly create links to any record in the system, directing colleagues to specific records for review and consideration immediately.


Using TrackerChat, you can quickly keep your fellow recruiters up to date – whether checking a candidate’s status or getting an update on an important project, TrackerChat is the perfect companion.


Chat history enables you to review past engagements to see what was discussed and retrieve any links to the records you were discussing.

Live Chat is the Norm

  • See Who is Online in Your Organization
  • Leave Messages (if they are Offline)
  • Start an Instant Chat with Anyone Online
  • View Your Chat History
  • Restart a Chat Where you Left Off
  • Provide Instant Links to any Record with @mentions

Big Screen Dashboards

Tracker’s Big Screen Dashboards bring the power of information from your ATS to the big screen.


Build custom dashboards. Draw from our extensive library of popular KPIs, Charts, and Custom Reports. Beam multiple dashboards seamlessly to the big screens across all of your offices.


Keep your team up to speed in real-time with their performance to promote a competitive edge. 


Display Tracker’s Big Screen Dashboards in any of our color themes to stay on brand and set as many dashboards as you want on a constant loop so your teams are always up to date on the latest information in Tracker.


Tracker offers an extensive list of metrics you can drag into your Big Screen Dashboards to promote competitive interaction. Staff can earn XP points for achieving certain milestones, and “Deal Flash” with customizable imagery and soundbites from your favorite song ensures successes are celebrated! 


Similar products capture only headline snapshot data, but Tracker offers accurate real-time granular reporting directly to the office wall.

Motivating Teams to Achieve Goals

  • Unlimited Big Screens
  • Unlimited Dashboards on each Big Screen
  • Secure Big Screen Link
  • Adjustable for any display device
  • Key Metrics at Company, Department, Team or Individual level

Empower Everyone to Work Together

Schedule a Demo of the Tracker platform for a customized assessment of your firm’s needs. Simplify communication, hit goals faster, and work smarter with better recruitment software.

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