Back Office

Save hours with better processes, automated workflows, and simple one-click tasks.

Online Timesheets

Update hours anytime, anywhere. Have your temp staff submit timesheets for approval via desktop, tablet, or mobile.

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Easy submission and approval of expenses online. Add entries from scanned receipts in a snap.

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Candidate Portal

Interact seamlessly with candidates, share documents, and easily keep timesheets & expenses up to date.

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Accounting System Integration

Integrate with Quickbooks, Sage Online, Xero Accounting, and limitless flat file formats to quickly process invoices and payroll.

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Assignment & Project Management

Get complete operational control and visibility of simple temp assignments and entire projects.

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Candidate Planner

Review candidate availability instantly, monitor attendance, track the status of your current temps, and forward plan.

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Create a smooth onboarding experience, fill placements faster, and impress.

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Streamline your compliance processes, keep data safe, and automatically sense-check photographic ID.

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Build Better Back Office Processes.

See how our integrated ATS, CRM, and Recruitment Automation Software can help your team save time, eliminate errors, create better relationships, streamline processes, and more.

Online Timesheets

Timesheets are an essential feature of any agency running temporary or contract staff. But without a slick and automated online process, timesheets are a time-consuming burden on the back office.


With Tracker, candidates can access a private, secure portal to enter timesheets whenever and wherever they want. Automated checking means timesheets get submitted for approval without involving anyone from your back-office team.


View timesheet activity on one page, where you can quickly and easily review submissions, send approvals, send reminders for missing timesheets, open placement records to check dates and rates, or instantly bulk-generate invoices and payroll records.


Our Candidate Portal is white-labeled, so it can be embedded in your website quickly and easily with one line of code. It looks and feels professional, so it will reinforce your reputation.

Take Your Timesheets Online

  • Secure online access for your Candidates
  • Unlimited Candidates
  • Weeks can start on any day
  • Automated checking of submissions
  • Run hours, days, or clock in/clock out


Processing expenses along with your timesheets is another laborious process. But not with Tracker. We have all the tools you need to make the processing of expenses slick and easy.


Candidates can complete their weekly time entries and add expenses simply by taking a photo of any receipt or invoice using their phone and uploading it. Our AI scanner stores the receipt, extracts the details, and adds it directly to an expense record.


Expense categories, such as accommodation or travel, allow you to allocate them to purchase orders easily. Receipts are retained and presented to managers to be validated and approved alongside the timesheet quickly.


All expense activity can be viewed on one page. Review, approve, and instantly mark submissions to bulk-generate invoices and payroll records.


And no more manual chasing. Automated reminders ensure all relevant paperwork is completed and your placements get paid on time.

Expense Management Made Easy

  • Secure online access for your candidates
  • Unlimited Candidates
  • "AI" scanning of expense receipts
  • Customizable expense categories
  • Tax auto-included or excluded for invoicing
  • Ability to "lock" expense values, e.g. mileage

Candidate Portal

Supercharge engagement and build better relationships. Our Candidate Portal gives free and unlimited access to all candidates, temps, and contractors, enabling them to interact with your business from any device.


You control portal access, so candidates only view the functions you want them to see, including timesheets, expenses, reading or uploading documents, approvals, declaring availability, requesting time off for vacation, or reporting sickness.


The Portal is white-labeled, so it can be embedded in your website with just one line of code.

Better Engagement, Faster Processing

  • Secure online access for your candidates
  • Unlimited white-labeled candidate portals
  • Accessible on any device
  • Easy upload of timesheets & expenses
  • Read and upload documents
  • Declare availability & request absence

Accounting System Integration

Our Account System Integration enables clients to work seamlessly alongside their existing accounting software. Tracker does all the “heavy lifting,” automatically calculating and generating invoicing and payroll records, which can be synchronized directly into external accounting software without even leaving Tracker.


Synchronization works both ways. When invoices are marked as paid, this information can be transferred from your Accounting Software to the Tracker system. Just one click updates all invoices instantly.


We support all the major accounting software used in the recruitment market today for invoicing and payroll, including QuickBooks Online & QuickBooks Desktop, Sage Online, and Xero Accounting.


No matter what accounting software you use, our unlimited flat file generator and Zapier API interface enable integration.

ATS & Accounting Software Integration

  • Real-time 2-way integration
  • Invoicing & Payroll
  • QuickBooks Online & Desktop
  • Sage Online
  • Xero Accounting
  • File-based and Zapier API-based support

Assignment & Project Management

Miscommunications, missing paperwork, and missed deadlines are notoriously easy mistakes when running a raft of temp assignments and projects. But with the right tools, you can keep everything running like clockwork.


Tracker’s Assignment & Project Management feature provides the ultimate project management workbench to ensure clarity and success.


Easy-to-navigate card, list, and Gantt views enable your team to build and manage plans quickly. Our ‘Default Project Plan Tasks’ function allows you to promptly add pre-defined tasks to plans and schedules (from or to a given date), providing robust plan forecasting.


Working candidates can be quickly assigned to specific tasks and tracked. Progress through timesheets is automatically relayed to show real-time status.


Our Change Management, Issues, and Risks Registers enable you to assess the health of projects and take mitigating action quickly. Tasks can be allocated directly from the Plan so that staff know their obligations across all projects.

Powerful Project Management

  • Simple Temporary Assignments
  • Highly Complex Project Plans
  • Phases and Task Management
  • Plan to Task Workflow to Internal and External Resources
  • C/I/R Registers
  • Card, List, and Gantt Views

Candidate Planner

We take the pain out of reviewing candidate availability with our Candidate Planner tools.


View overall candidate availability and quickly assess and assign candidates to assignments. Our “Runners” view lets you see all current temporary staff running contracts. A quick status update tool allows you to confirm onsite candidate attendance from one page.


Planners are directly accessible from both the candidate and placement records, making planning candidate utilization across multiple assignments easy.


A dedicated availability planner allows you to review and approve or reject absence requests.

Effective Candidate Planning

  • View Candidate Availability by month
  • Dedicated "Runners" View
  • Instant Attendance Status Updates and History
  • Assign Candidates based on Availability and Skills
  • See all Absence Requests


Skyrocket candidate success and your reputation with effective onboarding. This applies equally to temp staff as it does to permanent. Great onboarding sets the right tone.


Tracker ensures you have all the tools you need to keep documents up to date, temp candidates engaged, and clients informed.


Create unique onboarding activities and maintain them as your project develops, or choose from pre-defined default activities that can be automatically set up for new projects.


Manage planned activities, set statuses, expected end dates, budgets, and timings, and even start and stop candidates from entering time sheets against specific projects.


Cut your admin by 93% with powerful e-signatures that fit right into your workday.


Send secure, legally binding, industry-compliant documents without leaving the Tracker system. Deliver forms and documents to your clients and candidates via email with a secure link or embed them on your website.

Slick, Professional Onboarding

  • Build Onboarding Workflows
  • eSignature Integration
  • Facial Recognition built-in
  • Online Read and Upload Onboarding documents


Compliance is a critical business obligation, whether GDPR in Europe, the CCPA in the State of California in the United States, or Canada’s PIPEDA regulations.


Tracker has clients in over 40 countries, so it has developed significant knowledge and experience regarding compliance regulations in geographical locations and industry-specific fields such as healthcare, education, and finance.


Our compliance tools help you quickly build specific compliance packs for candidates, whether new or existing.


Using our built-in facial recognition feature, you can collect photographic documents securely online and assess the candidate via webcam or phone to give you confidence that the document is valid. Compliance submission can only be accepted if that confidence level is higher than you require.

Confidence in Compliance

  • Collect declaration and online signatures
  • Build Compliance Packs for every scenario
  • Present and complete compliance documents online
  • Facial recognition to validate uploaded photo documents
  • GDPR / CCPA Compliance Tools

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