5 Top ATS Features for Customization

With this article, we break down our staffing and recruiting clients’ top 5 ATS features for customization and how these functions help them build better.

Customization is at the center of most of our Tracker features so we want to highlight some fan favorites from real businesses who use Tracker.

How many times have you bought software only to realize you’re restricted to out-of-the-box functions, with no option to customize to your business needs and processes?

At Tracker, when we say our integrated ATS is customizable, we mean it.

“When developing our software and specific features, it was vital for us to remember and consider that every business is unique and runs differently, so we needed features that could adjust to support the existing business models for our customers.”

Customization is at the center of most of our Tracker features so we want to highlight some fan favorites from real businesses who use Tracker.

Top 5 Fan Favorites for ATS Customization

1. Reporting

Reporting can be unique to each person, team, and company as a whole — or even all three, with different needs or preferences among the same company. The robust customization of data reporting through Tracker allows everyone to see what they want, when they want. Individual recruiters can access their personal dashboards with specific reports important to their tasks and goals, while team managers can create their own individual and team reports.

The other tool our team uses frequently is the reporting feature, which enables you access to any kind of data you’d like to review. We use it daily for tracking productivity as well as compiling company performance insights.”Sam J.

2. Built-In CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

Not every applicant tracking system (ATS) provider includes a built-in CRM and those who do can tend to think about it as an afterthought. At Tracker, we take a holistic approach with all of our features and the data available. From building custom forms and emails to sending out personalized bulk emails, the data within the system is available within every logical feature. This means working smarter, not harder, to develop and nurture relationships.

Most anything can be altered to fit your particular needs. Our company migrated from another ATS/CRM system and they made the transition seamless and guided us every step of the way. There is so much capability within their system to have the best data possible.”Jessica F.

3. Integration

From Outlook, Chrome extension, and LinkedIn to built-in SMS text and video calling, the integration Tracker offers isnt necessarily a customizable” feature, but it is something that is necessary in our fast-paced industry and technology-driven world. The fact that everything is in one place is what makes Tracker stand out against the competition and supports you in getting a leg up on your competition.

One of the best things about Tracker is the integration. Specifically, the Outlook add-in is a real time saver and encourages everyone to document. Another example is the Chrome-linked extender. This gives you the ability to create new candidates and client contacts with ease and then start tracking them.”Administrator in Staffing and Recruiting

4. Custom Fields

Do you have specific fields you want first on a candidate profile or wish could be included in a report? Maybe there are certain details that are specific to your company, client, or candidates that you need to track.

Our custom fields may be seemingly small but have proved a very useful customization feature in Tracker. You can easily add new custom fields, rearrange fields, and more using our ATS.

Tracker is customizable. It allows you to configure the system as you wish. You can set up the system specific to your business. You can also have dashboards that allow you to have a quick snapshot of your teams efforts. You can also use the systems base fields to manage clients, candidates, jobs, leads and more. You can also add custom fields to suit your specific business.”Ryan A.

5. Visualization

Okay, this isnt necessarily a specific feature, but an overall feature of the Tracker ATS thats definitely a fan favorite.

Everyone views information differently and has varying priorities day-to-day. The Tracker system was specifically designed for visual learners, but the best part is that each user can adjust how the information is displayed and organized.

From how information is sorted, to the information shown on the dashboard, Tracker allows each end-user to control their view and manage how they receive information that best suits his or her needs. Move around fields, color code or take advantage of other options that allow you to clearly see what you need.

We reviewed a ton of ATS/CRM systems, and Tracker is the most comprehensive system that caters to our needs. It enables us to very specifically categorize our candidates by not only their job category, but their specific area of expertise and supplementary skills. This allows us to hone in on the right candidates for a given position quickly.”Ryan R.

Building Better with Customized ATS Features and Functions

What do you think of these fan favorite features that you can customize? Would these help you grow your business or increase productivity?

Tracker helps recruiting and staffing firms build better processes, workflows, and revenue every day. Over the last 15+ years, we have developed Tracker into a leading cloud-based Recruitment, Applicant Tracking and CRM Software provider serving staffing and recruiting firms across the globe.

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