Free Identity Verification Trial

Did you know you could get right to work checks for as little as £3? Try TrustID now for free.

Fast and effective identify verification with TrustID

TrustID, the UK’s premier Identity Service Provider (IDSP), is offering a free trial exclusively for Tracker clients located in the UK. Dive into seamless identity verification with 3 complimentary TrustID credits added to your account, valid until July 24, 2024.


What is TrustID?

As a government-certified IDSP, TrustID specializes in Right to Work checks, Right to Rent verifications, KYC/AML checks, and Identity Document Validation for Digital DBS. TrustID is Trackers trusted partner in ensuring compliance and security.

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Who is Eligible for the Free Trial?

All UK Tracker clients can take advantage of this offer. Each verification may consume anywhere from 1 to 3 credits, depending on the type. Use your trial credits wisely to experience TrustID’s full potential.


How do I Activate my Free Trial?

Activating TrustID is a breeze. You can simply add the “Background Checks” block onto the candidate record using our Layout Designer. Need assistance? Our team is here to help, contact your client services rep or submit a ticket.


How do I Get Additional Credits?

Managing your credits is as easy as activating your trial. Access the “Manage Licenses” section in the tools and settings panel to add more credits directly within the tool.


Don’t miss this opportunity to streamline your identity verification processes. Start your TrustID free trial today and experience the future of compliance and security firsthand.