TrackerRMS’s New Evolution Release Puts Relationships Center Stage

TrackerRMS believes that relationships matter most when it comes to building a successful Recruitment firm. We know that in a world of technology disruption and innovation, it’s still the Recruiter that builds meaningful relationships that ultimately wins. All our work is aimed at answering the simple question:

“How can we help our clients build better relationships, faster?”

Our latest release “Evolution” is derived from our continued drive to answer that question.

Taking decades of experience in a rapidly evolving sector, we redesigned our software from the ground up, taking lessons from what has made us a leading provider of software to the Recruitment community, but refusing to settle for the status quo. We reviewed every aspect of our software – performance, integration, productivity, information sharing, search, reporting, machine learning, security – and have developed a platform that delivers for the now and for the future.

Enhanced Productivity 

Productivity is a key focus of TrackerRMS. With 1-click access to everything you do day-to-day, from creating records, to logging interactions, to clear and useful reporting – team productivity for our clients is at an all-time high. A wealth of new productivity tools means the end of post-it notes and scribble pads, with a brand new super-intuitive front end using drag and drop, subtle animations and modern, vivid customizable themes. TrackerRMS is available on any platform from browser to tablet to smartphone, creating increased accessibility and engagement.

Improved SearchSearch can differentiate you from you competitors by giving you the valuable information you need quickly and in a format you can make use of immediately to improve relationships and win more deals. By truly understanding the concepts and appropriate application of techniques such as chronological ranking and more recently machine learning (or AI), we have embarked on a fascinating journey into how the human brain deciphers information, using this to improve search results exponentially.

Seamless Integration

Your critical business systems need to be able to speak to each other and share information seamlessly. The TrackerRMS platform has been built to integrate with your existing systems, as well as quickly and seamlessly adapt to integrate when new and exciting software arrives in the market.

Effective Collaboration

Collaboration and information sharing is paramount to an effective team. But information isn’t enough; your team needs actionable insights that help each other learn and improve. TrackerRMS’s all new dashboard widgets distill complex data into actionable graphics that can be dragged into dashboards and shared instantly at any level of the business. The new report builder is pioneering in its single interface approach to building simple to read reports out of sophisticated relational data in as little as 3 clicks.

Blistering Speed

At TrackerRMS, we don’t believe that you should have to compromise performance to get the functionality you need. With our brand-new technology stack, you don’t have to. TrackerRMS can offer blistering performance using the latest technologies, development strategies, and data management methods that can’t be found in legacy systems.

Airtight Security

While recent legislation around the world has made it increasingly clear that responsible organizations must do everything in their power to protect sensitive data, the team at TrackerRMS has never needed politicians or the latest PR crisis to know that’s true. We will always strive to make your valuable business data readily available wherever and whenever it’s needed, but never at risk.

The Future of Recruitment CRM

“We have listened to our users, researched the current and future landscape of the Recruitment Industry, respected the needs of both business owners and individual team members, embraced modern technology and design, and from this built a leading-edge platform that will deepen our clients’ relationships and improve their profitability.” – David Alonso, Co-Founder and CEO, TrackerRMS

If you would like more information about Evolution or would like to schedule a demo please contact us.


TrackerRMS- Kristyn Ferguson
Marketing Manager

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