Recruitment CRM

Great candidates are waiting to be found. But without the right recruitment CRM (Candidate Relationship Management), you could be wasting time entering data, posting job opportunities, and conducting interview scheduling instead of nurturing prospective talent. 

At Tracker, we’ve developed industry-leading recruitment software designed to foster candidate engagement, save money, and skyrocket productivity for your recruiting efforts.

What Is A Recruitment CRM?

It’s not easy to find and retain top talent, especially with traditional hiring practices. By utilizing CRM for recruitment, the recruiting process is streamlined, optimized, and vastly improved candidate experience.

A recruitment CRM is meant to expedite the hiring process by assisting talent acquisition professionals in building candidate relationships and providing cohesive talent pool management functionality.

Features of a particular recruitment CRM may differ, but most offer standard candidate relationship management system features such as job vacancy posting, resume screening, and detailed reporting. Talent management processes are typically integrated for applicants like automations, scheduling, and tracking for viable candidates.

Helping You and Saving Time

Tracker is the recruitment CRM solution to perfect the hiring process once and for all. Our software saves valuable time and drives productivity, so your team can engage candidates and perform at their best. 

Say goodbye to those lost hours spent on manual data entry, scheduling calls, and sending follow-up emails. Our software offers comprehensive improvements to the entire recruiting process to help you find and retain exceptional candidates while saving time and money.

We combine an agile applicant tracking system (ATS) with recruiting CRM for maximum efficiency. You don’t have to sort through a mile-high stack of resumes to identify the best candidates. With Tracker, you can expedite your sourcing efforts by searching hundreds of job boards at once, and posting job openings across social media and popular job boards with the click of a button.

You’ll never waste precious time constantly switching between different applications to accomplish recruiting tasks again. Our fully integrated software quickly collects candidate data from the resources recruiters rely on most, like Linkedin, Chrome, and Outlook. And with our applicant tracking systems, you can neatly and efficiently organize relevant candidate information to build and maintain relationships.

New job openings don’t last forever, and neither do the most qualified candidates. With Tracker, you can beat the clock and achieve your recruiting goals faster, so your team can perform at their best.

Tracker CRM Features

Tracker provides you with fully-integrated recruiting CRM technology to achieve your talent acquisition needs and provide the best candidate experience possible. Just take a look at some of the impressive features Tracker offers:

Recruitment ATS & CRM

  • Drive recruitment and candidate engagement with features like customizable recruitment process workflow, skills profiling, resume parsing, and candidate prospecting.
  • Easily manage every candidate profile and track candidates with custom reporting, dashboards, and a suite of data management tools.


  • Automate workflows to accelerate productivity with automated emails, SMS, notifications, and tasks for candidates, clients, and leads alike.
  • Auto-match candidates to jobs with fully configurable criteria


  • Create and implement winning marketing campaigns with fully personalized email, SMS, and telephone functionality
  • Enjoy customizable web forms to quickly and accurately collect data

Job Boards

  • Dominate the job board ecosystem with features like auto-creation of post-ready jobs, access to over 1,000 job boards, posts to social media, and direct free integration to Indeed
  • Pinpoint qualified candidates with a fully integrated job search that sifts through hundreds of job boards simultaneously

Remote Collaboration

  • Improve remote teamwork both internally and externally with intelligent collaboration features like unlimited video interviews, unlimited big screens, and fully integrated instant chat between users to keep team members on the same page


  • Monitor your metrics and make data-driven decisions with user-friendly reporting with scheduled reporting, KPIs and lifecycle widgets, and user targets.

Back Office

  • Build a better onboarding experience with custom online forms, online signature collection, and custom compliance packs.
  • Manage contractors with online timesheets, task management, and expense tracking

Searching for top talent

Searching for top talent takes too long with traditional recruitment strategies. Save time and increase productivity with our fully integrated recruitment CRM.


What is a CRM for recruiting?

Recruitment CRM (Candidate Relationship Management) provides tracking, automation, and overall management for talent acquisition professionals. The entire recruiting process is streamlined so recruiters can more easily build and maintain relationships with prospective candidates.

What is the best CRM for recruitment?

There are numerous recruitment CRMs on the market today. The best include Tracker, Beamery, Talent Lyft, and Avature. The best CRM for recruitment truly depends on the subjective needs of a particular organization.

What is ATS and CRM in recruiting?

An applicant tracking system (ATS) works as a database for applicants accompanied by workflow automation and compliance tools. Candidate relationship management (CRM) helps to automatically build relationships with prospective talent, both passive candidates and active job seekers.