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When it comes to recruiting automation software, it shouldn’t have to be a choice between one feature or another. A great software solution assesses not only the basics for effective recruitment and candidate sourcing, but provides enhancements for growth.

At Tracker, we believe in providing recruitment and staffing agencies with the best software solutions and features for the full recruitment process that’s proven to build efficiencies, save time and money, and improve team collaboration. All with no strings attached and incredible customer service.

“After using a variety of CRM systems throughout my career, Tracker RMS is intuitive, functional, wonderfully customizable, and practical to use for collecting, sorting, and reporting on data . . . One of the most significant benefits of the platform and company behind the software is exceptional account management.” 

– Tracker User

Industry Leading Recruitment CRM

It’s time to ditch the manual recruitment processes and turn to recruiting software that not only supports sourcing new candidates quickly, but also creates efficiencies for recruitment agencies, closing the gap between sales and recruitment. Did you know your team could be spendingupwards of 8 hours per week on just the repetitive, busy tasks? That’s a lot of time for your team to not be focused on actual recruiting!

A Candidate Relationship Management system (CRM) is an effective tool to help staffing agencies worldwide attract, post jobs, interact, and build relationships with both active and passive candidates. Oh, and keep track of it all at the same time.

CRM software allows the entire team to create new relationships as well as nurture existing relationships while also collecting all the data to effectively communicate and place the best candidates for each job opening.

CRM has been gaining popularity with recruiting agencies that it only made sense for Tracker to develop a CRM system into our existing recruiting automation software, making Tracker a one-stop shop for all your recruiting needs.

From active candidates who have already applied for a job to passive candidates who could be potential applicants for future job openings, recruitment CRM offers a variety of ways to keep all candidates engaged, leaving you with a larger talent pool to pull from.

Improve Sales and Recruiter Productivity with Applicant Tracking System To Drive Top Line Growth

Sourcing qualified candidates to your job openings and increasing your sales is essential to maintaining a healthy recruitment agency bottom line. So is increasing your team’s productivity. But if you’re stuck in manual processes or inefficient technologies, you’re only going to see more lost time, opportunities, and money.

With the recruitment industry filled with so many options for both applicant tracking systems (ATS) as well as CRM systems, how do you know if you need one or the other? At Tracker, you don’t have to choose between the two because you get both! Not only does our recruitment agency software support efficiencies, it also means growing your bottom line, finding better talent faster, and enhancing the candidates (and recruiters) experience.

Using our recruitment CRM allows you to actively and efficiently source new candidates and stay engaged with them throughout their full recruitment journey. In addition, our CRM also enables you to nurture those existing relationships, collect more data for future prospecting, and stay connected for positive candidate experiences throughout the whole hiring process.

Your entire team will thank you for using an ATS with a built-in recruitment CRM as well. Not only does recruit CRM support better working relationships through automated tracking of candidates, it also allows for better team collaboration, more transparency, more flexibility, and more accessibility. From our internal TrackerChat feature to task boards, your team will always be in-the-know with each other and each candidate.

At Tracker, our software is intuitive, allowing for your team to easily understand and complete the next steps in the process without missing a beat (or missing important information).

Tracker Recruitment CRM Provides A Better Experience for Recruiting Agencies and Candidates

Not all recruitment agency software is built the same. At Tracker, we strive to develop recruiting agency software that enhances the whole recruitment process, from posting jobs, to securing candidate profiles, to interview scheduling, and more. We even include features for the back office, like expense tracking, invoicing, and timesheets.

So we’ve thought of it all, probably because we’ve been in this industry for a long time and understand the process recruiting agencies go through. So however your recruitment firm looks, whether an executive search firm or temp agency, or even as a human resources director, our fully-integrated ATS and CRM will support you every step of the process.

When it comes to recruit CRM, Tracker focuses on ways to save your team time, money, and headaches. Our recruitment operating system ensures job orders are created correctly every time. Full integration means eliminating human data errors and faster data collection.

And when we talk about fully-integrated, we mean it. We have over 40 agency software features that save you time, all in one place. No more switching between dozens of tabs or copy and pasting data into the system. From LinkedIn, Chrome, and Outlook integrations, you can collect all candidate data quickly and accurately to build candidate profiles and shorten your hiring process to increase your sales and place the most qualified candidates. These integrations also allow you to capture those passive candidates and ensure timely responses.

And through our automation, candidates can be sent opportunities as soon as they’re available based on all the data so the opportunities are really 24/7 with only a few clicks to set up!

“TrackerRMS is very easy to use, is customizable, and comes with a lot of tools out of the box (e.g. video interviewing, CRM functionality) that costs extra with other vendors. It does an excellent job of tracking activities and interactions with clients and candidates.’

– Joseph K., Owner, Director, and Tracker User

Make The Switch To A Faster And More Productive Recruitment CRM for Candidate Profiling and Interview Scheduling

Exactly how much faster can your recruitment firm create candidate profiles and streamline your processes? Using Tracker’s recruitment CRM, you can run searches simultaneously against internal candidates and your subscribed job boards, without ever leaving Tracker.

Extensive search filters give you fast and accurate results on even the most complex of searches and needs. Select from searches for pre-defined skills, resume text, zip code radius, and other advanced criteria to ensure you’re finding the best candidates. Custom searches take it a step further, offering even more ways to find the right fit.

And since it’s all integrated within Tracker, you can forget about having to log into the job boards. You can even save searches and get updates and notifications when candidates register and match your job requirements!

Don’t forget about the accessibility! Your team can access everything within Tracker anytime, anywhere. Right on their device! From features that work 24/7 to provide you the most up-to-date and accurate information to having access at your fingertips, you’ll never miss out on growth and placement opportunities with Tracker.

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If you’re looking for a new recruitment operating system that will take your team to the next level of success while building efficiencies with current processes, look no further than Tracker. Our recruit CRM will upgrade your candidate experiences, your team experiences, and build relationships that grow both people and your bottom line.

“We reviewed a ton of ATS/CRM systems, and Tracker is the most comprehensive system that caters to our needs. It enables us to very specifically categorize our candidates by not only their job category, but their specific area of expertise and supplementary skills. This allows us to hone in on the right candidates for a given position quickly. Tracker also makes our client prospecting and management process easy and efficient. It helps us follow up effectively and not drop the ball on relationships.”

– Ryan R., Founder, Manager, and Tracker User

But don’t take our word for it. Experience it yourself with a free demo today! We’ll walk you through all the features that make our CRM and ATS a must-have for any recruiting agency.

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