The Tracker Starter Plan

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I get with the Tracker Starter plan?

The Tracker Starter Plan gives you access to the core ATS & CRM Features with the option to customize with the feature plans your firm needs, including Back Office Features, Automation Features, Job Board Features and Integrations, and more.

Can I mix and match different users with different plans?

No. If you buy four Tracker Starter plan licenses and you’d like to add job board integrations, then those all four licensed users will need to purchase the Unlimited Starter Plan.

What is the contract length for the Tracker Starter Plan?

The Tracker Starter plan is a month-to-month service which you can cancel at any time.

Can I add or remove users during the paid monthly contract period?

Departing users will be removed on the next billing cycle. We can not refund partial months of usage. Billing occurs monthly regardless of usage.

You can add new users at any time.

Are there additional storage fees?

Your core Starter Plan will come with 20 GB of storage that is shared by all users and is automatically included with each Tracker account.

Additional Data Storage: Per 10 GB increments $100.00 per annum

What are the payment options for the Tracker Starter Plan?

The Tracker Starter Plan is paid via credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, etc.) on a recurring, monthly basis.

Can I import Data into Tracker Starter?

Tracker Starter comes with an importer that allows you to load in Companies, Contacts and Candidates via a spreadsheet import. If you wish to create candidates via resumes, you can simply let us know by logging a service change ticket alerting us to give you access to a resume import link. Charges may apply.

If you have a backup file from another ATS provider, we do offer limited Data Migration services. Please contact us for more information about migrating your data from another software vendor to Tracker.

What happens once I sign up for Tracker Starter?

Once you have signed up for the Tracker Starter Plan, you will receive access to you new system within 48 business hours. Your system will come pre-configured. Access will be granted via a welcome email which will provide your log on details as well as a link to access your online onboarding and learning portal, Academy.

What support do I receive with the Tracker Starter plan?

In addition to your initial setup call with the Tracker Implementations Team, you will have access to the Academy, your online onboarding and learning portal, that offers step-by-step guides to all of the training you will need to be successful with Tracker. You will have access to live and on demand webinars that our team provides. Should you have any questions, you can email Should you have an issue you wish to log you will have access to a client portal where you can log your issue and our standard SLA’s will apply.

Additionally, all clients of Tracker are welcomed to join our Weekly Trainings. Can’t attend the time scheduling? Sign up and receive a free recording of the training to hold on to. 

We also offer ad hoc training as needed at a cost of $150/hour. This is rarely necessary as most clients find our Academy and weekly Trainings to be all they need to get fully onboarded and ramped up with Tracker.

What support do I NOT receive with the Tracker Starter plan?

You will not have telephone support or named Account Management support. You will however have access to our in-app support chat during all business hours.

What options do I have if I need in-person support with my Tracker Starter Plan?

Should you need any in-person support or training, you can buy training or support clinics for $150 per hour.

Can I send SMS with the Starter Plan?

The Tracker Starter Plan comes with the ability to send and receive SMS. The SMS service will need to purchase through our SMS provider TextUs. To add this to your package, simply mention it during your Setup Call or email our support team at

Can I send electronic forms with the Tracker Starter Plan?

The Tracker Starter Plan comes with the ability to create and send custom forms with electronic signatures that come back into the ATS/CRM system. Should you wish to purchase this integrated feature from our electronic signature partner RightSignature, simply purchase this directly through RightSignature on their website.

Does VMS integration come with the Tracker Starter Plan?

Yes, the Tracker Starter Plan comes with the ability to integrate with JobRobotix for full VMS integration. Simply purchase the service directly from JobRobotix, and we will enable the integration.

Can I post my jobs to my website with the Tracker Starter Plan?

Standard Integration

The Starter package offers a standard integration that you would be responsible to embed into your company website using our tutorials and help-files that are found in the Tracker Academy LMS (Learning Management System). We don’t offer any guidance or support on the standard integration, it is self-service and designed for companies that have access to a web developer or digital marketing specialist that is familiar with i-frames and HTML code.

Jobs+ Add-On

No access to a web developer? Want us to do the heavy lifting for you? Jobs+ is designed just for that.
Jobs+ is a supplemental service which includes built-in technology that makes it easy to distribute jobs, not only to your own website, but also to leading job boards and aggregator sites.

With Jobs+, your job postings are automatically SEO’d or Search Optimized, giving you the best possible opportunity of ranking high on Google and other search engines. All of your jobs in the Jobs + environment are Google for Jobs optimized.

Additionally, you can alert candidates automatically by email when new job opportunities appear on your career site, as well as, Jobs + can be configured with your existing social media systems such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and more.

Jobs + remains at the cutting edge of emerging technology and trends, and with Tracker Academy, your career site will remain up to date with the latest software changes and updates.

The cost of this additional service is $250 per month, per company, plus a one time setup fee of $500.

With both options, applicant data is populated back into Tracker directly.

If I want to leave Tracker Starter, do I get a copy of my Data? And, what format is it in?

All data is provided in a SQL Server backup file (.BAK) and can be accessed using a free download of SQL Server Express ( Documents are provided as a separate ZIP file for convenience.

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