All-in-One Temp and Contractor Management Suite with Scheduler, Shift Management, Candidate App, Compliance Module, and More.

Shift Creator

Quickly build a shift profile when creating new Jobs.


Shift Planner

Quick search of Candidates to put into Shifts (drag-and-drop).


Candidate Finder

Smart match triggered when a Shift is clicked using complex algorithm.


Compliance Module

Track compliance items of interest and blocking shift assignments if required.


New Candidate App

Candidates use for managing all their shifts, check-in/outs, timesheets, messaging and more.

Candidate Pools

Offer “open shifts” to Candidates that they can accept real-time via the App.

Shift Dashboard

Shows real time check-in/outs, compliance and App downloads.


Key Client Portal

Updates to see the Daily Roster and quickly review and approve timesheets.

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