Tracker VS Crelate

G2 Rates Tracker Higher than Crelate

Customers from Tracker and Crelate have submitted their reviews and rankings for the 2024 Winter G2 Crowd Reports.

Here at Tracker, we work hard to build meaningful relationships with our customers, and our reviews prove it. We differentiate ourselves by providing a relationship focused approach to supporting our customers and building long lasting partnerships with our clients. Check out how we outranked Crelate, and why so many of our customers make the transition to come over to Tracker.

Tracker vs Crelate G2 comparison

*G2 Crowd is an independent, peer to peer software review platform, providing over 862,600+ validated user review.

G2 Crowd Customer Reviews and Rankings

See how Tracker stacks up against the competition, as reviewed by real customers across the industry.
G2 Badge - easiest to do business with
G2 badge - best support
G2 Badge - Staffing High performer - Winter 2024
Small Businesses

Staffing Relationship Index

Relationship scores for staffing are shown below. The chart highlights some of the factors which contribute to a product’s overall Relationship score. Ease of doing business with, quality of support, and likelihood to recommend data is shown in the table below.






“Tracker can help me do my job and automize essential emails, marketing, tracking, reporting and keeping in touch. It makes my job much more effective.”

First step to a better ats.

We help growing staffing and recruiting firms save hours and place candidates quicker in one platform so they can double revenue and cut operational costs in half.

Staffing Team Digging Tracker

Recruiting Marketing

Build Better Campaigns, Postings, Workflows, and More.



Seamlessly integrate job boards with Tracker for in-app sourcing, auto-matching and watchdogs.



Enjoy effortless access to Tracker with 100% functionality anywhere and on any device.


Quality of Support

Tracker gives you the support you need for the success you deserve with quick response and best practices.



View the Full Comparison Report

The G2 Crowd Tracker and Crelate User Satisfaction Ratings Comparison Report. Data is scoped to the Staffing category. All reviews were collected as of January 11, 2024.

What Customers Say About Us

  • “Tracker is awesome – love the customization”

    What do you like best?

    Tracker has way more features than other ATS systems I have used including a CRM. There’s also a ton of opportunity for customization.

    Director of Business Development & Recruiting
  • “The support team is also there to support and guide you.”

    What do you like best?

    Tracker is customizable. It allows you to configure the system as you wish. You can set up the system specific to your business. You can also have dashboards that allow you to have a quick snapshot of your teams efforts. You can also use the systems base fields to manage clients, candidates, jobs, leads and more. You can also add custom fields to suit your specific business. The support team is also there to support and guide you.


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