Are Your Job Descriptions the Reason Candidates Aren’t Applying to Your Jobs?

Job applications down, and you’re not sure why? In today’s highly competitive market, that’s not a surprise. But, it does mean staffing firms need to work smarter to attract the best candidates. One of the first things to do is evaluate your job descriptions to ensure they entice candidates to stop and apply, rather than click away.

Ask these questions as you analyze your job descriptions.

Are they too wordy?

Large blocks of text are intimidating. People read online by skimming. Subheads and bullets help get your message across in fewer words. Remove any extraneous information that can be covered further along in the process. The purpose of a job post is to get the right people to apply. Remove anything that could turn an applicant off, or that only a new employee needs to worry about

Are you “selling” the applicant?

Too many recruiters or hiring managers simply cut and paste a description of job duties and candidate requirements. That may have worked once, but today’s applicants must be wooed. A job post is a marketing piece, not an internal document. Make the title engaging to grab their attention. Include location and anything unique about the position, company or culture.

Did you include the salary?

Salary is one of the first thing job seekers look for. Job posts with salaries get a 40 percent higher response rate, or more. It also prevents your recruiters from wasting time with applicants whose salary expectations are not in line with what you offer. Compensation not great? You can still post it, but actively sell other features of the jobs, such as flexible hours, great location or positive culture.

Salary is significant, but many other aspects can attract an applicant to a job, such as the opportunity to build or advance their skills. Chances for professional development or tuition reimbursement are also important to career-minded individuals.

Why should they apply?

Read your posting from the perspective of a job seeker. Would your ideal candidate apply? Are you ensuring they have a great candidate experience?  Include the qualities and features of the position that will get people excited about the job.

Is there a clear call to action?

Spell out what you want them to do. Should they fill out the application, attach a resume, give you a call? Let them know!

Do you respond promptly?

All your hard work is wasted if the applicant doesn’t get a quick response. Set up a system of several touch points. Let candidates know you have received their application, or that you will be contacting them for an interview. Update them as to where you are in the decision-making process after the interview. Top candidates will be engaged with multiple employers or recruiters, so it’s essential to keep them in the loop.

Are you managing your applicants effectively?

You may need a new ATS – one designed by people who truly understand recruiting. TrackerRMS is a cloud-based integrated relationship management system designed for and by recruiters. It helps your team build strong relationships. Check out the TrackerRMS blog for more great advice or schedule a demo today.

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