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Staffing agencies no longer depend on manual record keeping and scrutiny to carry out their recruitment processes.

ATS system or Applicant Tracking System refers to a software application that helps recruiters with their recruiting needs. Some ATS systems can be accessed online, and some can be implemented in the company. There are also open-source application tracking software available. These systems are designed for recruitment tracking process.

They filter job applications, in many cases automatically, based on the criteria given by the recruiters. These criteria may include keywords, skills, work experience, former employers, education, and schools attended. An application that has at least a minimum number of matching criteria will be shortlisted by the system while those that don’t match the criteria are rejected. A dedicated ATS system is now an integral part of the recruiting needs of any company. The use of ATS systems is already common in big companies and is slowly making progress in small enterprises as well. Tracker provides the most efficient ATS system at competitive prices. Save your time and money both by choosing Tracker for your recruiting needs.

Today, there are several different application tracking software and tools available to help recruiters skim through the information faster and quicker. Tracker offer expert solutions with applicant tracking for your business and are cost-effective as well.

Tracker ATS System VMS automation ensures job orders are created correctly every time in your ATS putting time back in your recruiter’s day.

Our integration means a reduction in employee costs and as importantly eliminating data errors whilst streamlining the process of receiving and updating jobs through over 75 VMS systems and filling your jobs faster.

No more having to switch screens or copy & paste to manually enter in the latest VMS orders on websites or job boards. Tracker ATS System works 24/7 so your opportunities are published to potential candidates the moment the job record is processed bringing your immediate ROI.

With Tracker ATS System search, consultants can run searches simultaneously against internal candidates and your subscribed job boards without leaving Tracker ATS System.

This ensures your consultants save valuable time each day not having to log in and out of different job boards. Extensive search facilities give you quick and accurate results on even the most complex of searches. Search for pre-defined skills, resume text, zip code radius and many more advanced criteria that will meet all your Applicant Tracking needs. Save your searches so they update constantly and get notified when candidates register and match your job requirements.

The database search speeds are electric; meaning the Tracker ATS System search performance can handle literally millions of resumes! The relevancy and effectiveness of the Tracker ATS System search database is equal to that of any job board.

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