Cloudcall for Tracker

CloudCall Intelligent Phone System with Tracker Integration

CloudCall integrates your communications with Tracker, helping you track all your client relationships, candidate applications and jobs in one place.
CloudCall for Tracker Video Demonstration

CloudCall plugs into Tracker to simplify the day to day lives of your teams.

Make Calls with a Single Click

Improve efficiency by making calls with a single click from TrackerRMS or any Google Chrome webpage, saving you time to have more conversations. With built-in call controls from TrackerRMS, you can manage your communications in one place.

Call Activity Sync with Tracker

Reduce the time spent on admin tasks by adding & logging notes directly to contacts’ record in Tracker. All calls are recorded, with playback available on the candidate and client records, ensuring that all important conversations are captured.

Reporting and Dashboards

Access a full view of your team’s engagement and communication with candidates and clients through an advanced reporting suite and dashboards with key metrics around call volumes, duration and frequency.

    Text Messaging

    Send and receive text messages from TrackerRMS. All text conversations are are saved on the contact’s notes and activity history and are logged as full, searchable conversations.

      Want to Learn More?

      Request a demo of CloudCall to see how you can make more placements, faster with CloudCall for Tracker.

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