Daxtra + Tracker

 The leading provider of AI-powered solutions for the talent acquisition ecosystem

Marketer in the Staffing and recruiting industry for over 6 years with a passion for building relationships and educating staffing professionals with industry best practices.

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Daxtra directly supplies solutions to over 1,000 staffing and recruitment agencies worldwide to enhance their recruitment database software with intelligent, integrated, highly accurate, searching, matching and aggregation solutions.


For over ten years, Tracker and Daxtra have partnered to provide Tracker users with advanced functionality directly within the Tracker ATS at no extra charge. With this seamless integration, recruiters gain access to Daxtra’s world-class job board search tool and semantic term expansion functionality, a cutting-edge search tool that analyzes search terms and automatically builds a list of synonyms. This helps users identify relevant candidates with better speed and precision. 


Together, Tracker and Daxtra are committed to empowering recruiters with the tools and technology they need to succeed in a rapidly evolving industry.