How to Leverage Recruitment Automation Tools

In today’s fast-paced, technology-driven world, recruitment automation tools have almost become a necessity. Top talent is constantly seeking job openings, so as a talent acquisition team or staffing agency, it’s vital to use technology that can monitor and report on a 24/7 basis so you don’t miss opportunities.

The purpose of Tracker’s tools and technology is to streamline and enhance your current processes, allowing you to easily manage more clients, find more qualified candidates, and grow your bottom line. In addition to using technology to build a more effective recruitment process, it also saves you and your hiring managers time.

In fact, recruitment marketing automation tools are becoming so important that 58% of Staffing and Recruiting Firms Surveyed plan to grow with recruitment automation & technology in 2021.

What are Recruitment Automation Tools?

Recruitment automation tools are software that’s specifically designed for the recruit process. Using recruitment marketing automation can support finding the best talent, streamlining or improving your current process, increasing productivity, improving accuracy, and using data to drive the best match between candidate and job opening.

Using recruitment automation means faster placements, better placements, and more margin for you. It’s combining data with automation to create efficiencies that enhance the overall experience for recruiters, clients, and candidates.

Apart from specific software features of Tracker’s recruitment automation tools, there are many benefits to using technology in your recruiting process. Some of these include creating a refined and standardized format for recruiting, team and personal consistency and accountability, and more productivity out of your recruiters. When your acquisition team can focus on the big picture and not have to get stuck in the repetitive, yet necessary tasks, you create more opportunities and room for growth and value.

Why should you use Recruiting Automation in your hiring process?

The hiring process can be daunting for all parties involved. And when finding top, qualified candidates, it’s all about the timing and finding them quickly.

According to an Officevibe 2021 survey, the best candidates are off the market within 10 days.

If you’re not on top of your game and using technology to support sourcing these candidates, they’ll be gone before you even knew they were available.

Using recruitment marketing automation tools can shorten the hiring process, increase the number of qualified candidates, and create flexibility and an enhanced experience for candidates.

If you’re looking to reduce the time to hire and increase your recruiters productivity, recruitment automation tools are what you need.

Let’s show you just how they can do that.

Increased Productivity

If you’re not using technology, your recruiters are likely spending a lot of time on repetitive tasks. Not only are they spending time on these tasks, but they most likely aren’t always accurate with data. And certainly never up-to-date as candidates are updating their resumes constantly.

From initial and follow-up emails, to status updates, onboarding communications, data entry, and much more, recruitment automation tools take the time-consuming tasks and automates accurate and up-to-date data to drive better communication and placements.

Apart from the must-have tools, Tracker also has features to grow your business, including web forms, candidate data capture, AI candidate ranking, auto match to open jobs, and many more.

Increased productivity isn’t only for sourcing the best candidates either. Tracker’s automated software includes features like TrackerChat and Task Boards keep your team connected, collaborating, and on-task, assuring nothing falls through the cracks and building better relationships.

Key Tracker Features: TrackerChat, Task Boards, CRM, Sequences

Improved Quality of Hire

Recruitment automation not only can help you find candidates faster, but enhances the quality of candidates you find.

According to Cmdrecruitment, 76% of recruiters say their biggest challenge is attracting quality candidates.

Follow that up with recruiters on average spending one third of their week sourcing candidates, per Entelo, that adds up to a lot of time just trying to find the best talent, not necessarily always finding it.

There’s a lot of sources to find candidates. Tracker simplifies the whole process through our unique recruitment marketing automation software, allowing recruiters and staffing agencies to scour all sources with only a few clicks.

Posting job openings onto your own website as well as career websites and job boards is quickly and efficiently done through Tracker. And you don’t only save time on the front end with job posting. Our Watchdog feature runs 24/7 looking for available candidates that fit your open positions, all with a simple set-up.

How would it feel for your recruiters to wake up with quality candidates already in queue? That’s what you can expect with Tracker.

Add on resume parsing for current candidate profiles, LinkedIn integrations, and candidate matching and you have a system that sources quality talent in less time.

Key Tracker Features: LinkedIn, Chrome, and Outlook Integrations, Skills Profiling, Long and Shortlists, Candidate Search

Enhanced Candidate Experience and Interview Scheduling

The candidate experience can make or break your business. A bad experience not only costs you the hire and money, but can be detrimental for future hires as well.

On the flip side, a great candidate experience can mean low-hanging fruit in the form of candidate referrals.

When it comes to the candidate experience, where most staffing agencies fall short is the number of engagements.

50% of sales happen after the fifth attempt to reach a prospect, but the average sales rep only makes two attempts. The same logic applies to recruitment and candidate engagement. The number (and method) of touches matter.

Recruitment automation tools enhance the candidate experience without taking away the personal touch. Through customized and automated sequences, your team can create communications with your candidates from pre-built templates or through creating your own.

No longer will communication be an afterthought or only a few touches. Using Tracker, your team can push communications out through mobile as well as email, ensuring messages aren’t lost or looked over.

And the automation tools that will take your recruiters and candidate experience to the next level of growth is our video interview scheduling and video resume features. No more headaches and time wasted trying to schedule an interview. With our video interviewing feature, candidates can send in their interviews based on your pre-determined questions from any device, on their own time.

Your sales and recruiting teams will not only increase productivity, they’ll also drive better relationships through targeted and consistent communications and more function. Using an ATS enables your team to create standardized communications, ensuring candidates get the same experience and information.

Using Tracker’s recruitment automation, you never have to guess what the next step is and we make it easy to complete that task efficiently.

Key Tracker features: Sequences (drip campaigns), bulk email sends, data-driven decision logic, dynamic routing of automation, activity triggers, and better segmentation, video interviewing, video resume.

Bias-Free Hiring

Between sourcing and scheduling alone, the hiring process takes time. One more advantage of using recruitment marketing automation software is removing the human bias and being able to quickly and efficiently source the best candidates based on the needs of the job and qualifications.

Key Tracker Features: Candidate Search, Video Interviewing, Skills Profiling, Resume Parsing

Reduced Time to Hire

When positions aren’t filled it costs your clients and you money. Using recruiting software can significantly reduce your time to hire. Tracker’s ATS is designed to reduce your time in every step of the recruitment process. From posting job openings and creating candidate profiles almost instantly to candidate ranking and scheduling interviews (all through automated sequences), your recruiters can focus on building relationships and you can focus on growing your bottom line.

Key Tracker Features: All features

Who Uses Recruiting Automation Tools?

Tracker’s recruitment automation tools aren’t meant to only be used by recruiters. We believe in collaboration and teamwork. Your team, your clients and candidates all have access to specific features that allow for the best matches and efficiencies.

Clients can easily access video interviews and resumes, see candidate lists, and more.

Candidates and job seekers can easily access necessary information for onboarding and interviews, creating less obstacles to build that relationship with the recruiter and the client. Clients and recruiters are also able to easily send documents and even eSignature docs through our Candidate App for easy access, tracking, and storing.

Key Tracker Features: TrackerChat, Mobile App, Task Boards, Video Interviewing

Importance of Recruitment Automation Tools in Resume Screening and Talent Acquisition

Gone are the days of data entry with resumes when you used recruitment automation software. Using industry-leading resume parsing software, your team can create candidate profiles quickly, regardless of resume formatting. Our recruitment marketing automation can even add photos and use scanned images to build complete candidate profiles.

In addition to creating these profiles, our system also ranks based on specified qualifications, skills, experience, and more. It’s the perfect combination for creating candidate profiles that are accurate and up-to-date, but also find relevant job seekers quickly.

Our robust resume features don’t end here either. Our Resume Sends feature allows flexibility for both clients and candidates alike. For clients, in only a few clicks, resumes can be formatted and standardized to fit with your brand. For candidates, resumes can be sent in via document or video.

Key Tracker Features: Mobile App, Interviewing, Telephony, Resume Parsing, Skills Profiling


When identifying the best matches for placements, accuracy is vital. If you begin with inaccurate information, you’re only going to waste more time and money.

According to HRexchangenetwork, on average, companies lost $14,900 on every bad hire. Bad hires can stem from many circumstances, but they can also be avoided by using technology.

Using recruiting software can eliminate human error and updates in real-time as candidates update profiles, leaving more time for recruiters to find their best matches and not worrying about accuracy.

It Saves Time

While there are so many benefits to using recruitment automation tools, the biggest benefit has been saving time . . . which also leads to saving money.

When you look at the recruitment process as a whole, there are many steps and each step takes time. Recruiting software takes all those tedious tasks, automates them, and then uses the data-driven login to enhance the process, allowing for data driven decisions to find the best candidates.

It’s Cost-Effective

According to a G2 survey, over 98% of fortune 500 companies use recruitment software.

And there’s a reason why. It’s cost-effective. Not only for maintaining current business, but for being able to scale up and grow as well.

And investing in Tracker means you’ll not only receive industry-leading ATS and CRM, it also means dedicated support from our service team to assure you’re up and running quickly and efficiently.

It’s Efficient

There’s no denying that technology is now the standard. And while there are many options available, it’s important to understand which is going to work seamlessly for your recruitment process and team. Not all tech is created equal.

We’ve been in the business, so we know the process and work directly with our clients to enhance our features so that they are always supportive, creating efficiencies in every feature. This is why we’ve built everything under one platform – to make it efficient. No more countless tabs, logging in and out, and frustrating load times. Our recruitment automation tools are all housed together, with key integrations into LinkedIn, Outlook, and Chrome, meaning you never have to log out (or in some cases, log in) to retrieve the data you need.

It Improves Consistency

They say consistency is the key to a successful and thriving business. From candidate profiles to internal team processes, recruitment software can significantly improve consistency.

From start to finish, your recruitment process can easily be customized and standardized to fit your business and keep everyone on the same page and collaborating.

And Tracker offers features for every step of the process, including our Back Office features for invoicing, timesheets, and more.

Streamlined Data Collection

A great recruitment marketing automation tool is constantly collecting data and that’s exactly how we built Tracker. Using data, hiring managers can make more informed and unbiased decisions, allowing for better matches and placements.

At every point in the process, Tracker will look to capture relevant data. From resume parsing and adding skills and qualifications, to responses in automated marketing campaigns, Tracker is constantly crawling for data to pinpoint the most qualified candidates.

Our robust reporting takes data collection and creates fast, easy-to-analyze custom reports to ensure your team is on the right track.

Recruiters Can Find Top Talent

Tracker makes finding top talent easy. Through programmatic job advertising to create the best job openings with SEO and instantly posting across your website and all subscribed job boards, recruiters can quickly find the best talent.

Our Long and Shortlisting provides recruiters with effective ranking based on over 80 filters to assure you’ve got the best talent for the right job. With a single click, candidates can be added to a shortlist, where a variety of tasks can be completed, making sure you can connect quickly.

Our Candidate Prospecting takes the recruitment process and turns it upside down, focusing more on your current candidate pool and identifying clients that will best match with their skills and needs.

Our Job Board Search finds you top talent without wasting precious credits across your job boards. Recruiters can quickly search all their favorite job boards in one go and results are automatically ranked. If Tracker thinks it has a candidate, you’ll be able to preview their details instantly and reach out to existing candidates to assign a job without using up credits!

LinkedIn is a huge source for candidates, so we’ve gone ahead and created two key integrations to support finding the top talent. First, we built an x-ray search in LinkedIn, which gives your staffing agency unfiltered access to the entire LinkedIn database. Then we added our LInkedIn Chrome extension so your team can directly import contacts or candidates and assign them to a list. This integration means you never have to leave LinkedIn or log into Tracker!

What Recruitment Automation Tools Do You Get With Tracker?

Tracker has over 40 features within our ATS and CRM system – all housed under one platform. When it comes to using our system for your recruitment process, we’ve got you covered (and then some)!

Check out these key features and a little introduction on how they can support, enhance, and simplify your recruiting.

  • Automation by Tracker: Use a myriad of Automation Triggers and Workflows to fully automate your recruitment funnel.
  • Job Management: Know exactly where the job stands at any time in card view or list view.
  • Resume Sends: Send candidate or “agency” resumes quickly via document or video and send via email or our online client portal.
  • Resume Parsing: Extract all information, including scanned images, to create consistent and accurate candidate profiles.
  • Candidate Search: One of the most sophisticated in the industry, use over 80 filters to sort, save, and share candidates with your clients and team to identify the best matches quickly.
  • AI Ranking: Find the best matches by using AI ranking, which learns from ongoing engagement of candidates as well as their skills, history, and qualifications. This gives recruiters the full picture of a candidate in addition to what’s on the resume.
  • Skills Profiling: Find candidates via quick yes/no skills, ranked skills, and dated skills and use skills profiling to build a semantic search dictionary, allowing for highly-targeted and relevant searches.
  • Long and Shortlisting: Customized workflows that allow personalized communications for fast placement.
  • Job Board Post: Fully programmatic job advertising allowing post-ready job openings pushed instantly out to subscribed job boards.
  • Job Board Search: Search job boards for positions that already fit your current candidate pool.
  • Candidate Prospecting: Shortlist clients that are suitable for your current candidate pool, now or in the future. We call this proactive prospecting!
  • Interviewing: Create ease and flow with face-to-face, 2-way, or 1-way video interviewing. Arrange interviews in bulk and keep track of every phase easily.
  • Website Integration & Jobs+: Easily publish jobs to your website and add in our inbuilt candidate registration page. Create search engine optimized job postings to rank better and post across social media apps as well.
  • LinkedIn Integration: Gain access to LinkedIn’s entire database, with fully supported boolean search and create candidate profiles and more, all without having to log into Tracker.
  • Mobile App: Never miss an opportunity with our Tracker OTM app, allowing candidates, clients, and your team full access anywhere, anytime.
  • Telephony: Forget your phone, make calls, text, and keep records all within Tracker.
  • TrackerChat: Two-way instant chat allows collaboration within your team and the flexibility to stay connected, no matter where you work from.

When it comes to recruitment marketing, automation is about letting your software do the heavy lifting for you so you and your team can focus on building relationships and better placements.

The recruitment process doesn’t change, but with recruitment automation tools, it builds efficiencies, allowing your whole team to save time and money while using a combination of data and tech to acquire the best candidates for your clients. If you want to maintain and then grow your business, it’s time to look into recruitment marketing automation tools that will allow you to do so effectively.

If you’re ready to take your current recruiting systems to the next level through automation, connect with us today for a free demo of our features.

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