Great Recruiters + Tracker

Accelerate Your Growth With Real-Time Reviews

Great Recruiters is the #1 way for Staffing Firms to get real-time feedback & reviews on their recruiters and organization.


With Great Recruiters, staffing firms maximize the ROI of their recruiters, reviews, referrals, and reputation.


Tracker and Great Recruiters work seamlessly together to automate the feedback loop without any heavy lifting or distractions. Tracker clients can elevate recruiter & organizational performance and differentiate their brand with this integration!

Watch your referral pipeline heat up

Utilize your stellar reputation and happy talent roster to cultivate meaningful relationships with your candidates. Make it easy to turn happy candidates into a referral source. 

Improve, motivate, and retain your recruiters

Get instant insights for pinpointing improvement areas. Streamline onboarding with a proven playbook. Use dashboards to motivate and gamify team performance. Enhance earning potential and satisfaction by spotlighting positive feedback.


Fuel your marketing engine with testimonials and awards

Feedback collected on Great Recruiters boosts your Google Reviews and strengthens your brand on social media. As momentum grows, both your organization and recruiters can earn awards, setting you (and them) apart from competitors.

Get Great Recruiters Now

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