Streamline Payments & Boost Cashflow
With Tracker’s New Online Payments System

Invoice Your Clients through Tracker with a New PayNow Option powered by Stax and directly integrated into Tracker’s CRM and ATS

Waiting for invoices to be paid is bad for business. 


Unpaid invoices slow down cash flow and can waste valuable time while you chase them up.  With PayNow – the online invoice payments from Tracker, it’s easier for your customers to pay you.


PayNow is simple to setup, simple to use and simple for clients to pay you immediately.  We walk you through a straight-forward merchant onboarding process and that’s it, you can then add “Pay Now” buttons to your Tracker invoices and start collecting payments right away.


And with our competitive rates, your customers will pay less in fees and can choose from a variety of payment methods.


Easy to Setup

With PayNow online invoice payments, it’s easy to setup and start collecting.  Simply choose your desired wording and even the color of the button, and we will add this to your Tracker invoices automatically when they are sent out from Tracker (via PDF).

Multiple Payment Methods

With PayNow, your customers can pay using Credit Card or direct ACH transfer and our competitive rates ensure your customers get the best deal, while you get paid more quickly.

Safe and Reliable

In partnership with our sister company, Stax, we offer world class payment processing solutions from a trusted and recognized provider.

Get PayNow by Stax

Experience the simplicity, reliability, and security of PayNow today. Get started now to streamline your payments process and boost your cash flow.