Job Posting Best Practices for Recruitment

In this article, we are highlighting actionable job posting best practices for recruitment along with funnel optimization tips.

This is the first article in a six part series on recruitment and funnel optimization. We’re starting at the beginning with Job Postings.

When developing our recruitment software and applicant tracking system, we not only aim to support each important function throughout the recruitment and candidate management process, but we’ve also built Tracker to optimize each of steps in the staffing and recruitment funnel.

The end result is you easily source better candidates, build better relationships and save time from repetitive tasks.

Below, were going to start by focusing on how to optimize your job posting content and process, so that you can reach more candidates.

At Tracker, weve developed sequences (more commonly known as workflows) to intuitively optimize your tasks so you can accomplish more in less time while still achieving the best quality candidates and data for successful placement.

For more on recruitment workflow, check out our on-demand webinar here.

Over the next few weeks, were going to publish a series of recruitment optimization articles that show you how to improve and streamline y our recruitment processes. Additionally, we will share best practices to level up your recruitment and staffing game. Make sure to subscribe to our blog to be the first in the know.

To kick-off, we get to start at the very beginning of the recruitment process with Job Postings.

Youve just received a new job order and its time to get busy recruiting the best candidates. But first, you need to make that job posting work for you.

How to Build a Job Posting that Attracts More Candidates

Step 1: Write Your Job Posting for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) (and for Humans)

Before you can start the sequence of posting your job, you need to make sure the post will be seen and is relevant to potential candidates.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) includes using keywords and phrases that enhance your job postings discoverability to candidates searching for jobs on Google and other popular search engines.  Additionally, ensuring your site is indexed and search-friendly will help your job postings rank higher in search results. Most importantly, you want to make sure that your job postings are using the structure data fields that Google for Jobs recommends.

Not sure what to include in your job posting description? Check out these 5 quick tips to maximize the response rate (and your time).

  1. Keep it Short and Simple
    People typically skim, so stick to the important details like a quick overview, the responsibilities, and required skills or credentials.
  2. Include the Salary or Pay Rate
    Job postings that include a salary range got 75% more clicks than those that did not, according to G2 stats.
  3. Build Excitement and Interest
    Put yourself in the shoes of the candidate. What details about the position or the company would interest you? What makes your position stand out?
  4. Give a Call to Action
    How do you want them to proceed if interested? Attach a resume, fill out an application, call you directly? Be specific.
  5. Sell Benefits, Not Features
    The job posting should be written as an advertisement for the position with emotion, enticing curiosity rather than listing the details generically (and boringly).

 Step 2: Get your Job Posting Out to the Masses

Once your job posting is written, the next step in your process optimization is to get your job out to the masses!

If you dont use recruitment software like Tracker, youre probably spending a lot of time posting your jobs to your own website as well as the dozens (or hundreds) of job boards you may use. Add to that making sure that your job postings are discoverable by Google (see above).

Tracker has developed two essential website integration features: Job Board Post and Jobs+, to eliminate the tedious job of posting across multiple sites, including your own.

In only a few clicks, our Job Board Post feature creates a web-ready version and pushes it out to your website, as well as any other job board you integrate with, with the click of a button. You can also integrate social sharing into your job distribution.

Our Jobs+ website integration combines both step one and two through a customized buildout of your job microsite. Additionally this supplemental service includes automated optimization of your job posting and distribution across job boards and social media channels. All of these optimizations help enhance visibility and ranking on Google and other search engines.

Already have some candidates in your system that may be interested in this job? Jobs+ allows you to set up automated email alerts on new job opportunities posted on your website.

Even better, Tracker compiles all applicants in an easy-to-view list or card view so you have everything in one place to review, filter and process. No more worrying about tracking emails for each applicant and stressing about losing or missing applications.

TrackerRMS works with the latest automation technologies. (such as – having your data encrypted, text messaging, document signing, integrating with all the job boards and much more.” – Diana G.

Final tip: Dont avoid free job board sites. These can be daunting and time-consuming if youre manually managing your postings. However, when using an ATS like Tracker which seamlessly integrates with job boards, this step allows you to amplify your job postings footprint, with very little effort.

Step 3: Watch Our Webinar on Job Postings

As part of our Build Better Webinar Series, we’ve recently recently an on-demand webinar, 5 Ways to Get More Eyes on Your Job Postings. Here, our Director of Marketing Ashley Bowlin, shows you how Tracker’s Jobs+ website integration automates and optimizes your job posting process.

Key Features & Time-Savers:

  • Automated Job Posting SEO
  • Job Distribution
  • Automated Candidate Job Alerts
  • Integrated Social Media Post
  • Advanced Job Search and Filters


Building Better Job Posting Best Practices for Recruitment

When it comes to optimizing and posting your jobs, Tracker offers a simple and intuitive workflow to eliminate hours spent writing, posting, and distributing. Whether you prefer to optimize your job descriptions yourself or would rather use a time-saving feature like Jobs+, Tracker has the software solution that best fits your needs.

Want to see how much time our Job Posting Sequence can save your recruitment team? Contact us for a free demo of our job posting features and recruitment workflow optimization. 👇

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