Release Notes

Release Notes

This page shows the changes that have been made to Tracker and its supporting applications by date, including:

FIX These are fixes that have been applied based on issue tickets raised

FEATURE These are new improvements or enhancements to existing functionality

REMOVED This is functionality that have been removed or superceeded

NEW These are brand new features that our clients can access

9 May 2021

FEATURE Ability to use Tracker Department as “Class” when using Quickbooks Desktop

FEATURE New Discount and Surcharge options with Quickbooks Desktop

FEATURE New Account System Customer Name for use with Quickbooks Desktop

FEATURE Type ahead option on Placement Status Note to speed up selection

FIX Candidate Status auto-selecting first Source when using the wand to create Candidates

FIX Ability to use double quotes in Dashboard Part headings not showing

FIX Template Tags overlapping when using long Custom Field names

FIX Rare @mentions issue of not saving notes when Completing Activities

FIX Cosmetic changes to better support the upcoming Mobile App

FIX Corrections made to the logic of Change Ownership vs Assign Ownership

NEW Added Job Board Search for “Zoominfo”

NEW New option for Power Users to both Delete or Claim Ownership of Reports from the main list

NEW New option to allow timesheets from other Assignments to be added to Invoices

25 April 2021

FEATURE Improvements to Quick Add Candidates or Shortlist to show more detail and be able to search on either Name or Email Address

FEATURE New Refresh button for Placement Lifecycle with Job

FIX Auto-CleanUp of duplicate Custom Fields when opening records

FIX Credit Notes now calculate Tax properly

FIX Agency Drop Down List now reflects up to 1,000 suppliers

FIX Bulk “Send Later” emails fixed to send at correct time

NEW Added an “Exact Match” option to Job Feed Search Job Titles

17 April 2021

FEATURE Placement Status change workflow only triggered when status manually changed allowing for changes to older Placements without affecting Job or Candidate statuses

FEATURE Improvements to the speed and quality of Video Emails

FIX Fix for Candidate Source defaulting to “0” instead of blank

FIX Fix to Previous Company History in Contact record showing current Company

FIX Fix to Skill List Profile search when using “At Most” or “At Least”

FIX Fixes applied to Discover LinkedIn and RocketReach Search to address consistency in finding details

FIX Improved messaging on Docx creation of Agency Resumes where Docx file corrupt

FIX Custom Web Forms updated for Company Name as text rather than drop down

FIX Portal updated to process “Registration Response” emails for Resume only registrations

FIX Improvments to QuickBooks Desktop to allow for special characters in names and descriptions

NEW US Geo Location Zip Codes updated for 2021 to improve radius searching

NEW CSS Styling improvements for mobile use in support of upcoming Apple/Android App

13 April 2021

FEATURE Allow for additional Agencies in the Candidate Agency drop down list

FEATURE Allow users to set Candidate Status to blank when using the wand to retain existing statuses

FIX Double line spacing fix on Custom Web Forms

FIX Re-xTracked adding additional country codes removed

FIX Fix for the Snippet in the Long List to only open or close when clicked

7 Apri 2021

FEATURE Absesense Management send options to include Client and HR Manager

FIX Assignment Team bulk update to only include “Working” or “Complete” Candidates

FIX Date selector appearing at the bottom of the page with certain browser zoom settings

FIX Parent Company Contacts available in the Placement record

FIX Long lists not appearing due to invalid dates in Last Activities

4 April 2021

FIX Start date not being generated if blank when cloning a Job

FIX Phone numbers including additional country code when parsing Resumes

2 April 2021

FIX Typo on Commission Report page