Tracker Customer Success

Tracker Customer Success

Grow with the Guidance that Fits Your Needs and Rockets Your Company to Success

launching into success with Tracker

With your personalized Tracker Success Game Plan, your team is encouraged to grow with guidance that fits your needs and rockets you to success.  As we align our product, technical, and strategic expertise, we work with your team to form an actionable plan/map based on your priorities while ensuring you get the most out of Tracker.

Success Game Plan

Work with our Tracker teams to build a unique and strategic plan, prioritizing the areas most important to you, on a timeline that fits the pace of your organization



A personalized consulting plan will be developed based on the key needs of your business and the goals you have



Tailored training plans, supporting your Success Game Plan, are created and delivered to your teams to ensure understanding


Tracker Success Overview

Coming onboard with Tracker you will work with our Success Team to develop a customized Success plan. This plan will serve as a guide containing your defined strategic goals and an actionable plan, including training and tasks, on how to achieve them. Working together, we will craft a one of a kind experience for your team while ensuring full understanding and achieving your business goals

Success Game Plan

When you join Tracker you get to work with our Success Team to develop an interactive and unique Success Game Plan that will be implemented at a pace that works best for your business

We kick off the Success Game Plan with a team discovery call that includes key players to discuss and define your business’s goals and priorities. We’ll get to know how you operate.

Next, we will assemble a custom game plan that includes actionable tasks that will directly help you achieve your defined business goals.

After that, we work together to plan, schedule, and implement the Success Plan with your teams. This includes essential training and consulting sessions and robust supporting/follow up material.

To ensure continued success and feature adoption we will set frequency-based touch points with a member of our Success Team at a pace that works best for your business.

  • Kick Off/Discovery Call to Define Goals
  • Strategic Game Plan Developed
  • Actionable Tasks to Complete
  • Consulting and Training Crafted for Your Organization
  • Reoccurring Touch Points with Success Team, at your pace
  • Team Approach to Ensuring your Success with Tracker

Typical Tracker Onboarding Courses

Check out this sample of onboarding plan inclusions with the most popular consulting and training topics for new customer success. 

Learn More about Tracker's Success Planning

Connect with our team to answer any questions you may have or to start planning your team's success plan.
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