Systematic Business Consulting Case Study: Seamlessly Transitioning to a New ATS

Transitioning tech is notoriously tricky to get right. Agonizing over the best solution and anticipating setbacks are the most common reasons tech transitions get delayed.

Recruitment isn’t exempt. Kicking the can down the road when transitioning to a new ATS is extremely common because leaders fear it will interrupt operations and cause chaos for days, weeks or even months.

Tracker makes transitioning to a new ATS a breeze.

This case study showcases an incredible success story. Read all about Systematic Business Consulting’s incredibly smooth ATS transition here.

The Company: Systematic Business Consulting

Systematic Business Consulting (SBC) is a leading provider of direct placement services in the manufacturing industry. SBC delivers top manufacturing talent to plants across the United States and has placed candidates in over 3,000 companies.

Efficient practices, a well-developed talent database, and the sourcing team’s deep understanding of the manufacturing and service tech industries have enabled SBC’s team to quickly identify top candidates and recruit the perfect hires for businesses. 

SBC prides itself on providing excellence through every touchpoint of the recruitment and onboarding process for clients and candidates. The thoroughness and speed of the screening process have set SBC apart from other businesses and made them one of the fastest-growing recruiting firms in the field.

Before Tracker: The Challenges

Despite the success, fast company growth highlighted some inadequacies in the firm’s existing ATS.

Key issues included:

  • communication bottlenecks
  • workflow inefficiencies
  • a lack of integration between systems leading to duplicate data entry
  • frustrating workarounds due to a lack of customization
  • a notable lack of system development within the old ATS
  • poor reporting functionality
  • difficulty scaling

A thorough review of processes at SBC revealed that many workflow inefficiencies originated from running a separate ATS and CRM system. Data entry was frequently duplicated, which had become a baked-in drain on staff time.

Communication within the team was sometimes fragmented, and it became clear that many manual tasks existed that could be automated. In addition, the legacy ATS serviced single-desk users, which didn’t suit their split desk system.

The company needed an ATS system that would integrate with a CRM, suit their split-desk system, solve legacy workflow limitations, eradicate communication bottlenecks, automate some of the tedious daily tasks, and meet scaling challenges head-on.

“Prior to Tracker, our team ran fragmented between our business development team and our candidate recruiters. We attempted multiple workarounds in our old system to maintain clear communication lines between our various divisions but these all fell short. ”

“Tracker allowed us to have a single point of reference for all aspects of our business. We now have excellent communication among our team, and that common complaint has all but dissolved. ”

“Tracker has also allowed us to bolster our workflow and build out our full recruiting cycle. A placement used to be the end of our process, but Tracker has allowed us to automate candidate and client feedback. Our forward-facing elements have become extremely robust, and our company name has become synonymous with quality.”

“Our previous system also failed to provide us with the proper KPIs, reports, and metrics to help recruiter growth. Tracker’s robust systems have allowed our executive team to retain a clear picture of all aspects of the business, and we are able to further develop our people into world-class recruiters.”

“Systematic is continuing to grow at an incredible rate and is on track to be an INC 5000 company this year!”

The Search for a New ATS

With so many ATS products on the market, selecting the right solution was critical to SBC, so diligent research began. A thorough review of existing processes and challenges led to the development of a 120-point checklist to help find a software solution that met all of SBC’s future needs as a fast-growth recruiting agency.

Tracker came out on top, meeting every single item on SBC’s 120-point checklist!

“I reviewed 70+ CRM/ATS systems and did demos for 35 of the ones that were suitable for recruiting agencies. Tracker was able to meet our needs as a company and our needs for future growth.”

Stand-out advantages of Tracker that most impressed SBC included:

  • Tracker is an established company with UK and US-based operations
  • Robust support services with locally based teams
  • The cloud-based software is intuitive and user-friendly
  • Impressive customizability on both ATS and CRM systems
  • Fully integrated product – all aspects work together harmoniously
  • Outstanding product development with a steady stream of updates
  • High level of automation and sequencing capabilities
  • Support for mass email campaigns
  • Video interview integration
  • Powerful reporting function
  • Capability for all types of recruiting

“The Tracker Onboarding team was pivotal in helping us have a smooth transition. Every request was met, and the team went above and beyond to provide us with any training we might need on the front end before complete transition. Overall, it was an outstanding experience, and we saw no decrease in production among our team!”

Implementation: Data Migration

A key determinant for choosing Tracker as their preferred ATS provider came from Tracker’s competency in data migration services. It was something SBC deemed vital for a successful and seamless transition without any data loss or disruption to productivity.

What impressed SBC was the fact that Tracker’s dedicated team of data migration experts are committed to understanding the content and usage of a client’s data and its safe and complete transfer into Tracker. This deep understanding of each company’s unique transitioning needs is reflected in Tracker’s tiered implementation services, which range from a primary data ‘lift and shift’ to custom migration with a white glove service.

Data migration isn’t just about the processes but also about the team. Tracker’s dedicated implementation team ensures the quickest and most comprehensive path so clients can log on to Tracker and access data with minimal impact on day-to-day business.

Tracker’s data experts understand that no two migrations are the same, hence an individualized approach to every client. This also impressed SBC.

Tracker was able to offer complete clarity on the processes and robust data migration project management to ensure the expectations of all parties were aligned. Tracker’s comprehensive approach ensured every piece of data made sense and served its purpose from when Tracker was fired up for the first time.

“We had an extremely smooth transition from our previous system, thanks to the support of Tracker.”

“Our big fear in migrating data was losing important data along the way and assuming a huge production hit among our recruiters. Tracker’s Migration team provided clear insight into the process and provided step-by-step procedures to ensure clear migration. Tracker’s team was very communicative and listened to our concerns both prior to and during migration. They provided ample flexibility in how we wanted to move items from our old system into the new Tracker System. The System itself allows for outstanding customization which allowed us to build the system that we envisioned!” 

Implementation: Ease Of Use And Staff Training

Ease of use was another system essential on the checklist for SBC. It was considered a priority to minimize downtime and quickly maximize value from the new ATS. SBC was impressed by Tracker’s white glove customer service, which included meeting their training needs to ensure staff could use the Tracker system confidently from day one.

“Tracker helped our company smoothly transition to a new ATS/CRM system with no loss to our production. This has been huge! We are a company that is growing rapidly, so being able to get new recruiters up to speed quickly in a new system has been a game changer.”

“Tracker is an organization that cares about client success and shows an aptitude for spotting and solving issues before they arise.”

The Solution – How Tracker Helped

Integration: One ATS and CRM Solution

Not every ATS provider includes a built-in CRM, and those who do tend to have added it as an afterthought. Tracker delivers a robust CRM system that integrates with its ATS. This was a non-negotiable system demand high on the wish list for SBC when they were searching for a new ATS solution.

Now, with Tracker, the CRM and ATS are integrated and work harmoniously together.

“Tracker has provided a one-stop platform for all SBC’s recruiting needs.”

Improved Communications

Tracker’s inbuilt video interviewing tool, big screens, and internal Chat feature immediately lifted team collaboration and communications between internal and external teams to another level.

“With the new automations and streamlined processes, our company’s internal communications have skyrocketed. Our recruiters are happier.”

So Easy to Use

Another high priority for SBC, which led to them choosing Tracker, was the desire to optimize staff engagement with new ATS software from the get-go. It was imperative to SBC that there would be minimum disruption to workflow and that staff would receive appropriate training to get the most from the new ATS immediately.

Tracker didn’t disappoint.

“Tracker’s product is very intuitive to pick up and use. This has allowed for easy ramp-up time for new employees.”

“The product is fantastic.”

Impressive Automation and Sequencing

Tracker’s solution improved workflow instantly and saved huge amounts of staff time by automating sequences. This included updating candidate status, automated notifications and reminders, collecting compliance data and job preferences automatically, and sending event-triggered surveys. As a result, SBC reports that productivity has been boosted, and the team are happier, allowing them to build better relationships with candidates and clients.

Superb Customization

Systematic’s previous ATS lacked customizability. This was a considerable issue for SBC before Tracker. It caused additional work for staff, who often had to create extra documents and workflows to maintain the company’s high standards of professionalism.

Customization was therefore considered vital to SBC and Tracker delivered.

From the outset, Tracker’s team was on-hand to ensure it could meet the unique needs of SBC. SBC have been able to build custom forms and emails and send personalized bulk emails, something they struggled to achieve with their old system. Tracker makes the data within the system available with every logical feature.

Tracker’s ability to understand needs and help with questions and problems has enabled a high level of customization to suit SBC’s unique needs.

“Where Tracker excels is its customization features, ease of use, and fantastic customer service.”

“Tracker has developed a fantastic customizable organization system on both their ATS and CRM platforms.”

Potential to Scale

Tracker’s robust solution is built for the future and is ideal for scaling. Tracker supports SBC’s scalability requirements because it has enabled more efficient workflows, offers complete support services, and is built to foster building better relationships within the team and with clients and candidates.

“Tracker provides us with the ability to scale in all aspects of recruiting and provides the support and training necessary to help us with our growth. Our company is flourishing.”

Responsive System Updates and Development

Tracker’s system updates ensure the software keeps up with the changing needs of the digital recruiting world. Tracker’s commitment to system development impressed SBC from the outset.

“Tracker has provided a steady stream of updates to differentiate itself as one of the top software programs for recruiting.”

Cool Features: Video Interviewing

SBC was keen to improve its capabilities for video interviewing. Because Tracker’s software includes video interviewing tools, it meant they wouldn’t have to purchase yet another software or service.

Tracker has made the virtual interview process that much easier.

“Video interview integration has been a real perk.” 

Powerful Reporting

The customizability of data reporting through Tracker allows everyone to see what they want when they want. Reporting can be unique to each person, team, or company. The powerful and customizable reporting offered by Tracker has proved a winning feature for SBC.

Standard reports have enabled staff to review and drill down into critical information quickly, and custom reports are easily compiled to view data in handy tables and charts. With Tracker, SBC has found that data is better utilized to provide insights and inform decision-making.

“Tracker provides detailed reporting functionality. I highly recommend this product to any recruiting firm!”

Customer Service Excellence

Tracker’s team-based customer support approach provides quick and personalized access to support services. A dedicated client portal enables issues to be raised and dealt with quickly. In addition, Tracker’s Academy Learning Portal offers step-by-step learning modules and training videos to guide the SBC team through the Tracker training and onboarding process.

SBC has been impressed with Tracker’s customer support team, timely response to queries, and ability to understand SBC’s unique needs.

“We requested a few changes to our custom reports and templates and these were completed quickly and correctly.”

“Our team suggested a few product enhancements and they are currently being considered by the development team at Tracker.”

“Tracker’s support services are impressive and robust.” 

We live by the motto that your success is our success. Your dream team needs knock-out tools; we’re here to ensure they have them from day one.

If your outdated ATS is holding your recruitment operations back, see how our platform can take your recruiting services to the next level.

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