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What Is Temporary Staffing Software

As temporary staffing continues to increase in demand, utilizing software to track, place, hire, and report is crucial to keeping up. Just as temporary hiring can save companies a lot of money, so can temporary staffing software applications in sourcing those most qualified candidates.

Using an applicant tracking system to recruit temporary staffing positions means no more manual record-keeping, data entry, or inaccurate candidate information. It also means better communication and candidate management, more qualified candidates to select from, and a simplified and faster hiring process.

Why Is Temporary Staffing So Important in Candidates Assessments and Management?

When it comes to temporary staffing, you want to ensure you’re placing the best candidate for the job.

And bad hires cost a lot of money and time.

Considering the oftentimes short time periods for these assignments and contract work, candidate assessments can provide insight into each prospective employee allowing for the best placement decision to be made.

Using video interviewing, you can also easily collaborate with your clients and review interviews for soft skills and other signs of a good position and culture fit.

In addition to assessments, the management of your candidates is crucial to eliminating missed opportunities. Using Tracker features like Candidate Search and Skills Profiling, recruiters can quickly identify candidates who are available for temporary work and meet other qualifications necessary – all with only a couple clicks.

This means no more shuffling through stacks of papers, daily reviews of resumes, and other time-consuming tasks. Using staffing agency software allows for quick, automated, accurate data.

What Are The Main Features of Temporary Staffing Software?

When it comes to selecting recruitment tools to support temporary staffing, look no further than Tracker’s ATS with built-in CRM. Our industry-leading cloud based software gives staffing firms a competitive advantage to finding the top candidates.

When developing our recruitment software, we looked at the whole process and found ways to enhance every step allowing for better, faster, and more efficient placements.

Targeting Potential Temporary Staff

As the temporary talent pool increases, it’s become even more important to use tech to find the right candidates for your open jobs and to fill fast before competitors pick them up.

Our TempTracker features allow our clients to quickly and efficiently find candidates and share open shifts in real-time to fill positions faster. Search for pre-defined skills, resume text, zip code radius and many more advanced criteria to find exactly who you need for each job.

Let our system do the searching for you, even while you sleep. Our Watchdogs feature lets you predetermine the criteria you’re looking for in a candidate and will search 24/7. If a candidate is identified, not only will you be notified with a lead, but you can also set-up automatic communications to get the ball rolling, with only a few clicks to set-up!

Digitize Contracts

Contract management can quickly turn into a headache if you’re still managing this process manually. Using Tracker, you can quickly create, edit, duplicate, and manage all contracts for easy accessibility and sharing. Candidates can review from our Mobile App, allowing for everyone to stay on the same page at the same time. Plus, you won’t have to worry about hard drive storage space and can quickly review, approve, and send.

In addition to contracts, using an applicant tracking system like Tracker can also support any compliance processes necessary for the industry and/or position.

Manage Records

Similar to contract management, our applicant tracking system updates in real-time records of existing and new candidates, always giving you accurate and up-to-date profiles. Build candidate profiles instantly using our Resume Parsing feature and ensure you’ve got the top candidates using our AI ranking feature.

Our Back Office features also helps keep your team and candidates on track with simple, yet incredibly helpful features like online timesheets, a candidate portal, assignment and project management, expense tracking, a candidate planner, and accounting system integration.

Key Benefits of Temporary Staffing Software

The recruitment process can be cumbersome and time-consuming, but with the use of temporary staffing software, you can expedite the hiring process through every step.

And with Tracker’s CRM system built into the ATS, you can enhance the process and include more automations for your staffing agency to focus more on building relationships with clients and candidates.

Here’s just a few key benefits of using temporary staffing software:

Customizable For All Industries

Our software works for every client in every industry. From small to mid-size staffing agencies to large (and same with the client), our system allows for customization to you and your clients’ needs rather than other ATS developers who want you to fit into their specific platform.

From filters, reporting, and criteria to back office needs and more, you can customize Tracker to fit your industry, your needs, and those you serve.

“Tracker is customizable. It allows you to configure the system as you wish. You can set up the system specific to your business. You can also have dashboards that allow you to have a quick snapshot of your teams efforts. You can also use the systems base fields to manage clients, candidates, jobs, leads and more. You can also add custom fields to suit your specific business.” – Ryan A., Tracker User

Onboard Candidates Faster

Our workforce management system allows recruiters to find, assess, interview, hire, and onboard faster. Avoid employee scheduling conflicts and offer candidates our resume and video interviewing features to complete their interviews in their own time and on any device. Send important e-Signature documents and other necessary training documents immediately through our App for candidates to fill out and save.

Fill Temporary Positions Faster

Time is money in recruitment, especially in temporary staffing. When you need to fill multiple open jobs fast, the only way to get there efficiently is what the support of tech. Through our Website Integration and Jobs+ feature combined with our Job Board Post feature, you can create optimized job openings for temporary work and distribute instantly to your website, subscribed job boards, and even through social media outlets.

Using our key integrations with LinkedIn, Outlook, Gmail, and Chrome, recruiters save time eliminating the need to bounce from tab to tab searching resumes and profile and instead can instantly create new candidate profiles and rank onto long and shortlists.

Increase Profitability and Accountability

Using tech can increase your accountability, increasing productivity, and ultimately your profitability. Tracker keeps your team members on track and in communication together, assuring everyone is always on the same page. Personal Task Boards allow employees to focus on priorities and responsibilities while TrackerChat enables them to communicate quickly regardless of where they’re working from. Even our reporting can be customized to personal preferences and views, allowing quick analysis of productivity and current pipeline candidates.

Growth and profitability come from innovation and streamlining. If you want to increase your profits, you’re not only going to need to place the best candidates more often, you’re going to need to automate. There’s only so many hours in the day and using tech to support the tedious, yet necessary tasks will support your growth to take on more without doing more.

“Not only is it easy to navigate and use, but there are many features that improve the general quality of life. From the Google Chrome extension that I use every day to the LinkedIn and email integrations that keep up with my tasks. Most impressive is the always accessible Tracker RMS team that is always available and eager to assist in troubleshooting or answering questions. . . The other tool our team uses frequently is the reporting feature which enables you access to any kind of data you’d like to review. We use it daily for tracking productivity as well as compiling company performance insights.” – Sam J., Tracker User

Streamline Operations

It’s not that your temp agency can’t do everything in the recruitment process, but it’s more about asking if they need to. Tech allows for streamlining of the simple tasks necessary for effective recruitment while allowing your staff to focus on more important tasks, like building relationships.

Beginning with Job Management and Job Posting to Resume Sends and Resume Parsing, Tracker has you covered every single step of the process. We even turn recruitment on its head by searching open jobs for existing candidates in our system, giving your team every possible opportunity to match the best candidate with the best position.

Using an ATS and CRM system also allows your firm to remain competitive while enhancing the experience for all users.

Who Uses Online Temporary Staffing Software?

Temporary staffing software is used by any staffing agency as well as any company looking to streamline processes to find, manage, and recruit temporary or long-term employees effectively and efficiently.

Automated staffing software saves companies time, money, and allows for data-driven decision making to take priority, eliminating bias and supporting finding the right and top talent for each position.

Tracker’s ATS in a one-of-kind platform. We believe in simplicity and function, which is why we’ve built in a CRM into our system and key integrations to give staffing agencies everything they need in one place. Using over 40 recruitment-specific features, staffing firms build efficiencies for their processes through tech automation and outstanding customer support.

If you want to take find more temporary workers faster while building better relationships and saving your team team, contact us today for a free demo of our key features and learn how we can support your business growth.

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