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TextUs for Tracker elevates your ATS & CRM by seamlessly integrating business-class text messaging. This boosts workforce productivity, streamlines communication, and enriches customer engagement. Recruiters and staffing professionals can now send and receive real-time, two-way text messages within Tracker through the TextUs platform. The integration ensures that these messages are conveniently recorded in the candidate records of Tracker.

As a bonus, all Tracker customers enjoy preferred pricing from TextUs. Book a demo or contact your customer representative to learn more. 

Why use TextUs & Tracker?

Get the Attention of Candidates

Avoid being one more email that ends up as spam or junk, or a phone call that gets sent straight to voicemail. Texting allows you to get your message in front of a candidate and viewed quickly.

Send Bulk Job Alerts & Notifications

Quickly send a BCC message to groups of up to 100 contacts to alert candidates to a new job opportunity as soon as you receive it.

Increase Collaboration & Improve Tracking

Ensure that all incoming and outgoing text messages are tracked against a contact’s record, so your team isn’t blindsided by conversations that were missed or not logged in the system.

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