Tracker 2021 New Features

We are delighted to announce the launch of Version 4 of Tracker with over 40 new features

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Tracker's 40+ New Features

We are thrilled to announce Tracker’s 2021 new features that will help your recruitment team do more, save time, and build better.  This ambitious release includes over 40 new features and improvements across all aspects of the Tracker platform.

For a full list of Tracker features, check out our plans page here!

web forms
watchdogs and auto match
Web Forms**

Send custom Web Forms to anyone and collect live information directly back into Tracker such as Contact Us, Onboarding Forms, Registration, Reference and Surveys

Watchdogs & Auto Match**

Run your business 24/7 by using our built in Watchdogs feature which will continue to scan the job boards every night for new and relevant Candidates for your Jobs

video emails
Upgraded Candidate Portal

All new Portal design offering branded and personalized pages, more options and a new Job Landing Page to showcase your Candidates

Video Emails**

Make a bigger impact by sending video emails instead of plain text with both instant record-and-send and template based emails supported

rocket reach
job sourcing

In additions to the previous LinkedIn Extension integration, we now provide full RocketReach search functionality directly within the main Tracker platform

Job Sourcing**

We now have a fully integrated Job Sourcing tool allowing you to search millions of Jobs from all over the world to build your pipeline or find jobs automatically for your favorite Candidates

quickbooks integration

A simple concept but a massive collaboration tool, allowing your users to chat in real-time or leave messages with @mentions to link in any record in Tracker direct to the conversation

QuickBooks & Xero*

We now offer full integration with both QuickBooks Online and Xero Accounting for both your invoicing and payroll needs, directly from Tracker

Reporting & Analytics
Customization / Functionality

✓ @Mentions
✓ Schedule Email Send Dates
✓ Bulk Text Templates
✓ Bulk Timesheet Reminders
✓ Interactive Alerts
✓ “What have I done?” Enhancement
✓ Bulk Create Activities
✓ Quick Dial from Activities

✓ Big Screens
✓ Scheduled Reports
✓ Placement Lifecycle
✓ Commissions Report
✓ Quick Search Filter in Reports
✓ Placement Record Source Field

✓ Better Parsing

✓ Word Cloud

✓ Improved Filtering with Multi-Select

✓ Match Jobs Improvements

✓ Executive Search with Target Listing

✓ Renaming Shortlist Cards
✓ Drag And Drop Placement Status

✓ Pop Up Box Reason Updates
✓ Logos for Client Records
✓ Star Rating Custom Field
✓ Default Start Week In Timesheets
✓ Updates to Candidate / Client Portal

✓ Create Custom Forms from Word

✓ Custom Document Types

✓ Document Version Control

*Pro Plan or Unlimited Plan required for these features

**Unlimited Plan required for these features

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Sourcing & Automation

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Customization & Functionality

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Back Office & Portal Enhancements

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Reporting & Analytics

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