What Every Staffing Firm Needs to Know Before Partnering With an ATS

There is no shortage of applicant tracking systems (ATS) available to the staffing industry. But how do you know if you’re choosing the right one for your firm? It often comes down to managing the relationship you have with your staffing software vendors.

What do you need to know about your ATS vendor?

Are they true experts?

The ideal ATS vendor will truly understand your challenges. Sometimes technical people get excited about all the cool features they can include, without stopping to think whether those features truly improve the lives of those who use them. Consider instead those with staffing industry experience, who understand the pains and time-sucking activities that drain your productivity and shrink your bottom line.

Do they play well with others?

It doesn’t matter how feature-rich an ATS is if it doesn’t integrate with your other systems and processes. Consider what you’re currently using, that works for you, before adding an ATS that will hopefully enhance your process.

Are they transparent?

Do you know the goals and plans of your ATS vendor? Ideally, they will keep you informed of what new features they are working on, and when they are rolling them out. You should be confident they will take your feedback seriously and will notify you as to when you can expect upgrades.

Do they communicate?

Open communication is essential to a successful vendor partnership, and even more with an ATS because it can have so many moving parts. Do you feel heard when you have a problem or criticism? You want a partner who will listen to what you have to say and respond in a timely matter with solutions that work.

Will they provide training and support?

Getting the most out of your ATS requires the recruiters who use them to understand the features of the system and how it will specifically benefit your company. That requires hands-on training with real-life simulation. Ask if they will provide ongoing training as new features are added, or when you hire new employees.

Do you have a good relationship?

The right ATS software can be the backbone of your recruiting and information management software. It can help you reach your goals while increasing productivity, profitability and efficiency. With a system that’s such an essential part of your business, you need a vendor who is a true partner, someone who will be there to help you work through any kinks that may arise.

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