10 Recruiting Tasks to Automate This Week

Check out the top 10 recruiting tasks to automate this week. Tackle these quick wins to save time, and do more.

As a recruiter, the following recruitment tasks are probably things you tackle every day. And though they aren’t hard, you certainly could make better use of your time and skills.

Automating routine tasks like these below allow recruiters and staffing professionals to spend their time on building relationships, place more candidates, and other human tasks.

Do more, by doing less.

Using an ATS with automation for these everyday tasks can significantly reduce busy work and increase productivity.

Whether you’ve just begun to use automation or have been thinking about implementing automation into your recruitment process, these following tasks are a great place to start!

1. Building Candidate Profiles 

No one wants to be working with inaccurate information. Plus, putting together candidate profiles can be one of the most time-consuming tasks. Forget having your team members manually create candidate profiles and let technology work for you. 

An ATS, like Tracker, can quickly create accurate candidate profiles pulled directly from sources like LinkedIn, email, and more. And they will also update automatically, ensuring you are never moving forward with inaccurate data.

2. Auto Match

Never miss a vacancy again by constantly matching new Candidates to your open jobs whenever or wherever they come from. Tracker’s Auto Match is designed to ensure that all Candidates placed in Tracker and checked against your open jobs constantly.

By performing a reverse search, we can compare the resumes of all new Candidates against the search criteria defined on open jobs and alert Consultants that they may be suitable for their role automatically.

3. Job Board Posting

How much time is your team taking to create, optimize, and post open jobs across your network? Probably more time than you’d like. Tracker allows you to quickly publish jobs to your website, social media, as well as over 1,000 job boards, with one click.

Save your team hours of time each week by not having to author and post to multiple job boards and process applicants in the inbox

4. Automate Job Board Sourcing

On the flip side of job board posting is sourcing. Using automation like Tracker’s Watchdogs feature can help you automatically source, match, and engage candidates from job boards.

And the best part about using automation is that it works 24/7. So while your team is sleeping, Watchdogs is scouring the job boards for the best matches. Your team gets to start their day with prospects rather than having to search the sites for hours themselves.

On top of this, our Watchdogs offer Auto-Parse and Auto-Engage which are game-changers for recruiters! Put simply, your open Jobs can crawl the job boards every night to find new Candidates, process them and automatically send them a personalized email from the Consultant requesting a call back first thing in the morning. Again with zero touch!

5. AI Ranking

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could have a list of all the best potential candidates based on their skills, qualifications, and other requirements of the job? Sure, you can shuffle through resumes and papers to create this, but why do that if technology can?

Being able to quickly rank candidates is a small, but incredibly supportive task that is easily automated using a robust ATS.

Tracker takes ranking a step further using AI Ranking, which accounts not only for a candidate’s skills and certifications, but also their history within the system, giving you a more rounded applicant picture.

6. Automate Standard Communications

From clients to candidates, one of the most important (and often overlooked) tasks is consistent communication. Through automation, you can ensure you’re never forgetting to send that email or update on the status of an applicant or job.

These days, the last thing you want is a poor candidate experience due to lack of communication. Using automation and workflows, Tracker allows you to build customized templates and sequences of communications, then determine the type and timing of communication pieces based on actions taken (or triggers).

Automation allows you not only to communicate the necessary, but also take it one step further and build better relationships through more consistent communications.

7. Automate and Streamline Workflows

Have you ever been in a situation where you’re wondering what you should do next? Workflows are the solution. Building out your processes and automating them ensures your team doesn’t miss a step (or get them out of order) for your successful recruiting process.

And while you may have these built out already, automating them allows you to complete them faster. Let technology take over some of the mundane tasks and reminders, and give your team back more hours in the day to close and build relationships.

8. Send Virtual Video Interviews

Video Interviews allows you to create unlimited sets of interview questions which can be tailored and sent out to multiple candidates to record in their own time and on any device.

Submitted interviews are alerted to you immediately where you can review internally or send direct to clients to review. Each reviewer can leave comments and “star rate” each answer in the interview giving you instant scoring across your business as to their suitability.

We estimate a +60% gain in interview efficiency using this methodology. Consultants save time, interviews happen faster, and clients get connected to candidates earlier.

Video resumes and interviews are a way to add convenience and a good candidate experience together, while minimizing the time to hire.

9. Automate Sales and Client Nurturing

You can’t recruit if you don’t have jobs to fill. And we all know how cyclical and unpredictable the market can be these days.

Ensure you always have a steady flow of business through lead generation and nurturing of existing clients with automated sequences and touch points.

Tracker Automation enables our clients to amp up sales, repeat orders, and client satisfaction with automations to nurture prospects, progress leads, and engage clients.

10. Build Dynamic In-App Reporting

Reporting is essential, but time-consuming. From collecting data to configuring and analyzing, it can become an all-day task.

Ditch the multiple spreadsheets and math, and start using smarter reporting systems that automatically pull customized reports based on team member, team, client, and more.

Create your own customized reports quickly and easily share with others using a robust recruitment platform, like Tracker.

Bummed your ATS doesn’t do this? Click Here to Get a free Demo with our Tracker Team.

Using an automated recruitment platform, like Tracker, will ensure you teams are able to make the most of their time and productivity. See for yourself what our industry-leading features can do for you and your team.

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