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Back Office Consulting

Work with a Tracker rep to adjust Projects and Timesheets settings so they are tailored to your organization and their workflow

What's Covered

  • Assignment Settings
  • General and Workflow Settings
  • Setting Assignment Types, Statuses, and Priorities
  • Configuring Assignment Tasks
  • Setting Default Assignment Values
  • Shift Settings
  • Setting Shift Compliance Items
  • Creating a list of Compliance Items
  • Configuring Timesheet Settings
  • Workflow Settings
  • Portal Setup
  • Timesheet Template Settings
  • Auto Attach Time and Expense Approvals
  • Combine approvals with emailed invoices
  • Setting Templates for Timesheet Activities
  • Expense Settings
  • Setting Default Expense Values
  • Invoice Settings
  • General Settings 

What to Expect

  • Complete overview of Time and Expenses
  • Understanding of timekeeping process from start to finish including sending for approvals
  • Understanding which tasks are for candidates and which can be made internal

What You'll Develop

  • The ability to accurately assign timekeeping or other tasks to candidates so they can record their hours or progress on the assignment
  • Skills to manage all timesheets submitted including bulk follow up activities and approval internally and externally
  • An understanding of how to add Expense items and generate invoices for payment
  • The ability to manage the entire timekeeping process within Tracker

Duration(2) 1 Hour Sessions
FormatInteractive Small Group

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