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Achieve Strategic Goals with Tracker through Personalized Consulting Services

Marketing Consulting

Work with a Tracker member to uncover additional marketing opportunities and results optimization

What's Covered

  • Recruitment Marketing Strategy and Stack
  • Automation Sequences 
  • Campaign and Bulk Emails
  • Job Posting SEO and How to Get More Eyeballs on Your Jobs
  • Jobs+ Website Integration
  • Tracking Job Posting Traffic in Google Analytics
  • Web Forms and Surveys
  • Tracking Statistics
  • Building Marketing Reports

What to Expect

  • How to Integrate Tracker into Your Marketing Plan
  • Full understanding of Automation Sequences
  • Optimization of Marketing Workflows and Processes
  • Understanding of Tracker Marketing Tools
  • Consulting to Ensure your Job Postings are Search (and Human) Optimized

What You'll Develop

  • The ability to create and send custom campaigns
  • How to review the results of a campaign and take action
  • Confidence in your marketing efforts as you can review results
  • The ability to write more discoverable and readable job postings
  • An understanding of how to properly SEO your job posting content
  • Confidence in your job writing efforts as you learn how to review traffic analytics

Duration(1) 1 Hour Session
FormatInteractive Small Group

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Courtney Harchak
Team Leader for Client Success