How to Build an Unstoppable Sourcing Engine

How candidate sourcing with the support of tech creates an unstoppable sourcing engine. Start filling your recruitment funnel faster. 👌

Let’s talk about sourcing, one of the most crucial aspects of the recruitment process.

The process of sourcing and qualifying candidates can be one of the most time-consuming parts of the entire process but is so integral for establishing successful placements.

From active to passive candidates, and the plethora of places potential candidates can be derived from, sourcing requires skill and timing to find the most qualified individuals before they are off the ever-growing highly competitive market.

As is the case in any successful endeavor, having a process in place and understanding the task and needs at hand will be the differentiator between effective or fruitless.

For successful recruitment, it’s important to begin at the beginning: Sourcing.

Sourced candidates are more than twice as efficient as candidates who apply.

Now, let us show you just how to build an unstoppable sourcing engine to rocketboost your recruitment efforts and placements.

1. Build Your Content (aka Your Job Description)

Create a job description that will empower your outreach as well as help you define your ideal target candidate. Who is it exactly that you want to fill this position? The job description needs to cut through the competition and differentiate while being upfront and transparent about the needs versus wants.

A poor job description will only mean more unqualified candidates to have to sift through and weed out.

Check out these tips for writing an effective job description and as well as how to use your firm’s website, job boards, and beyond to amplify your job postings footprint across your top channels in one click.

2. Discover Your Top Sourcing Channels

The advances in technology have grown so quickly and our world is now driven by data and tech. This is a huge advantage for sourcing as it opens an almost unthinkable number of opportunities. But that can come with some overwhelming feelings to keep up.

Social media has become a growing source for finding both active and passive candidates and LinkedIn isn’t the only player in the game, although it’s the most well-known for the professional side of social media.

Did you know: Tracker offers a LinkedIn Integration feature

Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook have built their platforms to assist both candidates and recruiters in sourcing jobs and candidates and should not be overlooked but incorporated into your sourcing strategies. Think about where your target candidates hang, and advertise there. Yes, advertise. Don’t sleep on putting a little money into your posts to boost their visibility. Also, check out Paiger who integrates directly with Tracker for automated social posting in recruitment.

According to one survey, 84% of companies are using social media to recruit job candidates.

Of course, while social media is gaining ground as a viable source for candidates, it’s not the only one. These are other platforms and avenues to source potential clients:

  • Referrals
  • Job Boards (paid and free)
  • Career Fairs
  • Existing Employees
  • Existing Candidates

The biggest sourcing benefit to using an ATS like Tracker is the continued growth of your candidate database. While one candidate may not be a good fit now, they may end up on your shortlist for the next open position you’re placing for. Through easy candidate search and auto matching, Tracker makes finding your candidates fast and easy.

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3. Build Your Database of Candidates for Now (and Later)

A necessary yet time-consuming task of any recruiter is building candidate profiles while sourcing. Whether a candidate is perfect for the job posting at hand or for a possible future position, candidate profiles are essential to quickly identifying the best fit for the job.

Using tech to build out (and update) your candidate profiles for easy search ability within your database has become a game changer in recruiting.

A resume parsing feature that quickly scans and creates candidate profiles is critical to quickly building and updating a useable database of candidates. Tracker creates uniformed profiles that can easily be searched, customized, and updated for accurate analysis for every sourcing need. This is an especially important step for passive candidate monitoring.

4. Build Your Brand

Because of the visibility of company brands through social media and employee personal pages, the brand can make or break the sourcing of great candidates.

If your job description can’t cut through the competition or differentiate, your brand and culture should. Because of the pandemic, candidates are now scrutinizing and evaluating benefits and culture much more than before.

If you want to attract top talent, you need to talk up your brand and have benefits that matter to your potential employees.

Communication, responsiveness, benefits such as paid time off, holidays, and flex scheduling are all part of your culture and brand and need to be visible to source candidates who not only fit the requirements, but then WANT to work for the company.

One easy way to infuse your brand during sourcing is through a CRM to communicate consistently to both active and passive candidates within your database. Tracker’s built in CRM and automation allow for easy, customized and personalized communications.

Check out these 10 quick tips for improving your employer brand for better recruitment.

5. Components of an Unstoppable Sourcing Engine

  1. Integrated and Source-able ATS and CRM (Tracker)
  2. Seamless 1-Click Posting to Job Boards, etc
  3. Automated Social Media Posting (Paiger + Tracker)
  4. Robust Recruitment Marketing & Email Functionality
  5. Automated Matching for Passive Candidate Curation
  6. Landing Page / Job Posting to Funnel All Applications and Inquiries
  7. Automated Nurturing & Lead Gen Sequences
  8. Data Integration like RocketReach or ZoomInfo

Candidate Sourcing Strategies Infographic

In Summary

Sourcing shouldn’t suck the life out of your recruitment team or take any longer than necessary. Between a full-proof process and the support of tech like Tracker, sourcing can become easier than you ever imagined. To see just how effective and time-saving tech can be for sourcing, contact us today to schedule a free demo of some of our most loved sourcing features.

If you’re ready to build an unstoppable sourcing engine, Tracker is your partner. Our cloud-based software is a one-stop platform for all of your ATS and CRM needs. Schedule your demo to see for yourself how we can help you grow even faster.

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