5 Best Practices in Staffing with Recruitment Technology Integration

With this article, we break down 5 best practices in staffing and how to use recruitment technology integration to improve these practices, and build better.

How your firm can use recruitment technology to improve staffing’s greatest best practices.

Last week, we wrote about how to cut time-takers and cancel recruitment challenges. What’s next? Building.

In this article, we talk about how to build better practices for culture, processes, and productivity.

When was the last time you thought about the efficacy of your recruitment firm’s practices?

If you’re bogged down in the weeds and repetitive tasks it can be difficult to think about (let alone plan and implement) building best practices for your staffing firm.

At Tracker, we’ve built a better recruitment and staffing software that help firms build better processes, build better culture, and build better best practices.

In our decades of recruitment industry experience, focusing more time on the following practices will enhance overall success for both the company and employees:

  • Company culture
  • Customer experience
  • Teamwork
  • Speed/Timeliness
  • Productivity
Let’s take a look at how your firm can build best practices in staffing with recruitment technology integration.

1. Company Culture

Company culture can make or break your recruiter retention. Theres a direct correlation.

In fact, across industries, 70% of professionals in the U.S. would not work at a leading company if it meant they had to tolerate bad workplace culture, as reported by G2.

So, what does your company culture look like? Are your recruiters engaged or are they spending most of their time updating spreadsheets and away from connecting with their fellow team members and potential candidates and clients?

Using an integrated recruitment technology and applicant tracking system can quickly reduce the amount of time recruiters spend on busy work, or lost in a not-best practice.

Tracker, for example, takes routine tasks and aligns them to best practices with recruitment technology to reduce time and increase productivity by 20% or more.  From one-click job board posting across all networks to intuitive resume parsing, LinkedIn integration, and our 24/7 Watchdogs, Tracker’s integrated recruitment CRM and ATS is focused on giving your team back more time so they can build better best practices and results.

Further, embracing the power of engagement is necessary for paving the way to a more productive and fulfilling work environment for every member of your team. Developing a culture around these factors will set the stage for enhanced engagement in which every person on your team feels valued and can thrive.

2. Customer Experience

How often are your recruiters connecting with candidates? How about with clients? Connection builds trust, shows that you care, and builds credibility.

However, different communication needs and wants can be time-consuming. Look up each candidate, see where they’re at in the pipeline, draft the email — and then start over again for the next candidate. Even sending out a simple email to notify prospects of a new job available or a filled position adds up.

Tracker offers simplified communications through email, text, and click-to-dial solutions. Standard emails can quickly be created and sent in targeted bulk email with the right message to the right candidates. Communication is necessary, but it doesn’t have to be time-consuming.

3. Teamwork

Next, let’s talk about building better (and more effective) teamwork.

How many recruiters do you have? Are they all on the same page with how to track and manage candidates and jobs? How many spreadsheets do you (or they) have?

Just as communication builds trust with your candidates and clients, unity and transparency builds trust within your team.

Digitizing the recruitment workflow and processes not only helps you standardize across your whole company (unity), but also eliminates confusion among employees of the where, what, who, and when for tasks and goals.

An effective candidate management system allows for complete transparency and accountability, allowing individuals to assign tasks to themselves or other team members, see where candidates are in the pipeline, review reports, and much more.

4. Speed & Timeliness

We live in a digital world. No question about that. It’s become expected to move and respond quickly and be accessible outside of traditional office hours.

So, how quickly can your recruiters respond to new inquiries, candidates, and other tasks? On the fly or when they get back to their desk?

The speed and timeliness in which you and your recruiters can do business has a direct impact on your business results in this fast-paced industry.

An integrated and mobile recruitment software ensures everything your recruiters can do on their desktop can be done easily on their phones, too. For example, Tracker is 100% mobile-friendly and allows recruiters to update, review, track, and manage quickly and easily, whenever and wherever they are.

5. Productivity

If your recruiters are not productive, business isnt going to fare well. Period.

78% of employers that use an ATS said that recruitment technology makes finding great talent easier than ever, according to G2.

We recently discussed ways to maximize your recruitersproductivity, but we want to talk about what better” looks like once your team is working productively and hitting goals.

When your team is playing at their highest level, what does better look like? Could it be better ROI, better engagement, better team building, or better clients? Could it mean more of all of these things?

To build these better, the best place to start is to set expectations and provide the resources your team needs to reach those goals.

Manual management and tracking of candidates has been shown to take up to 8 hours per week of recruiters time, according to recruiter.com. How much more could your recruiters do with an extra 8 hours?

Here’s a quick review of a few things Tracker offers to improve productivity best practices:

With these features (and way more), Tracker truly gives your recruitment firm the ability to build better everything.

Building Best Practices in Staffing with Recruitment Technology

Tracker helps recruiting and staffing firms build better processes, workflows, and revenue. Over the last 15+ years, we have developed Tracker into a leading cloud-based Recruitment, Applicant Tracking and CRM Software provider serving staffing and recruiting firms across the globe.

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