Save Recruiters’ Time with These Strategic Processes

The first step to saving recruiter’s time is to understand where you are as a firm and where you want to go.

The next question is: Do you have the time and resources to get there?

If your answer is “no,” it’s time to evaluate where your time and resources are going.

As does every business, you have “time-takers” and “time-makers”.

If you’re currently managing your candidates and tasks manually, you have a “time-taker” on your hands.

Think about every task in your current process. How long does each task take? How many third-party systems and tabs are you or your employees bouncing back and forth between? How long does it take to move candidates in your manual workflows? Little tasks add up to big time-taking.

In fact, one study found that more than 50% of managers spend eight hours a week on manual tasks. Eight hours each week spent on manual workflows!

Regardless of whether you spend two, four, or eight hours a week on manual candidate management, it’s too much. You’re diminishing productive time that could be spent on your next big goal.

At Tracker, our mission is consistently developing and delivering software that makes time and creates efficiencies for our customers so they can focus on business growth and employee performance.

We’ve researched, listened, and tested our recruiting software to ensure we bring value to your business and don’t create time-takers. Check out the information below for a few time-making Tracker features and how they stack against current manual processes.

Time Takers Time Makers (Tracker Features)
Jumping from tab to tab and other third-party apps Integration with LinkedIn, Outlook, job boards
Multiple video interfaces, calls, office visits and endless email chains and attachments Click to dial, visual interface, Tracker chat
Manual resume reviews Advanced automated resume parsing
Manually tracking candidates’ skills, current positions, interests, job history; notes on candidate; etc. Candidate search and candidate prospecting
Manual reports Custom reporting and dashboard

Integration that Saves Time

Tracker is your one-stop site for everything from posting a job to filling one. Imagine auto-creating a job, posting on 1,000+ job boards as well as your website, sharing on LinkedIn and sending out to potential candidates via email and text — all with only a few clicks.

That kind of robust integration is what sets us apart.

“The LinkedIn add-on has saved us time so that we don’t have to go back and forth between LinkedIn and Tracker. We are able to add the candidate into Tracker right from the LinkedIn page.” – Vira T., Director of Recruiting

Comprehensive Communication Streamlined

From candidates to your office manager, we’ve thought through all the essential communication needs to run an efficient business.

Our one and two-way video interviewing interface will eliminate the need for third-party video accounts and our direct call, email, and text features keep you connected with candidates.

Whether in the office or working remotely, our Tracker Chat allows employees to streamline their communication and project management. Easily direct message team members and link to records within our candidate tracking system for easy review, consideration, and approvals.

“I am reducing the time it takes to communicate with candidates by emailing directly from the system creating templates in Tracker using the current templates that I have in outlook for various communications.” – Tracker Customer in IT Services

Resume Ranking Made Easy

Regardless of the format you receive a resume, one thing is certain: You shouldn’t be spending time hand typing the important candidate information into your manual tracking process.

Our industry-leading resume parsing feature automatically dissects every piece of information, including photos, and quickly builds or updates a candidate profile in our system. Taking it a step further, as you build their profile, Tracker will begin assessing and ranking candidates against open positions.

Candidate Search Sped Up

How many missed opportunities have come and gone because you weren’t prepared or quick enough to find the best candidate?

With more filters than you knew you needed, our candidate tracking systems’ search feature allows you to quickly and easily find the best-suited candidates for each job or client with only a few clicks. Our candidate prospecting feature also enhances candidate loyalty by flipping the typical workflow and including a shortlist of potential clients that may be a good fit for the candidates now or at a later time.

“Using Tracker has improved our time to submittal and close ratio. It has also helped with improved prospect and candidate engagement and touches.” – Jeff J., Executive Vice President

Custom Reporting

No restrictions, Excel formulas, or boxed in options with Tracker.

Whether you want a detailed daily report or would prefer a weekly high-level overview, our custom reporting and dashboard features allow you to create what you want, when you want it – without frustration or missing information.

If it’s in our system, you can pull it into a custom report to help you track performance, statistics, and more.

“The benefits are endless. We are finding the prospecting piece extremely beneficial as it is putting us one step ahead of our competitors. Dashboards have become a vital element of our day too. The ability to see reports, hot lists and activities in one screen is a huge time saver.”
– Steve M., Small Business Owner

Next Steps to Cut Your “Time-Takers”

If you’re feeling inundated with manual candidate tracking and spreadsheets, your next cut sounds like automation and seamless integration in a one-stop site with Tracker.

See it for yourself today. Click here to get a free demo of our time making features.

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