Before and After: A Recruitment Marketing Transformation Story

From home renovations to the digital transformations of your staffing tech, before and after stories are a great way to discover potential. In our second before and after story, see how a recruitment firm flipped their recruitment marketing strategy and processes with Tracker.

At Tracker, our team is regularly part of some incredible staffing technology transformations with new clients implementing Tracker to streamline their recruitment processes. This is one of those stories.

Tracker can help me do my job and automize essential emails, marketing, tracking, reporting and keeping in touch. It makes my job much more effective. – Tracker User

Before Tracker Recruitment Marketing Transformation

The Team

A large and prestigious direct hire firm was suddenly struggling to source candidates for their hard-to-fill roles in the fatigued healthcare industry.

The leadership team needed a solution to improve sourcing and recruitment marketing, both strategy and processes.

The recruitment team was frustrated with the increased demand of the industry, and the lack of control they felt they had on their sourcing challenges.

As the industry has become more competitive and fast-paced, the firm knew they needed to change how they’d been working. Namely their technology and software approach.

In researching current recruitment marketing strategies and best practices, they realized they needed a better software solution to meet their goals.

The Tech

The company relied heavily on external job boards and industry networks, as well as a home-grown applicant tracking system with some additional applications plugged in (sort of).

As demand increased, it became increasingly noticeable that their current tech was taking more time than saving.

Hopping back and forth between different tabs and apps became tedious and more often than not, their different tech didn’t talk well to each other. Manual entry became more efficient.

The Challenges

  1. Marketing Management – Marketing had become a real struggle, especially when it came to sourcing candidates. While most team members understood the importance and impact, they just don’t have the time and tools to understand how to market effectively. They were used to candidates just coming to them! When they did have the time to source, it meant manually sending emails, searching individual job boards, and cold calling.
  2. Awful Automation – Even though the team had some 3rd party apps for helping with processes in their ATS, they were not well connected and definitely causing many a headache. On top of that, all of these separate systems and apps were expensive. Resumes still need to be deciphered and input into another tracking system and searching for specific skill sets seemed never-ending. Their home-grown system just wasn’t the digital transformation they thought it would be.
  3. Problems Posting – One team member is dedicated to just posting jobs across all the job boards. They could really use that team members support recruiting and marketing, not spending hours uploading the same job all over the internet!

Summary of Challenges

Using tech is not the challenge. Using the right tech is. With the firm’s planned growth rate and increased demand in the industry, it was time to move to a platform that offered everything in one place to save time, create efficiencies, and improve sourcing outcomes.

A 2020 HR Study revealed that 78% of employers that use an ATS said that recruitment technology makes finding great talent easier than ever.

Quick poll: Is your recruitment marketing process creating more headaches or happiness for your recruiters?

After Tracker Recruitment Marketing Transformation

Tracker was able to improve the recruitment marketing processes and overall strategy for this successful placement firm, giving them the ability to grow and scale their business even further.

Upgraded ATS

Turning to Tracker allowed the team to utilize time-making technology all in one place. They canceled all dozens of add-on platforms and officially sunset their old platform (RIP). Luckily with Tracker, data migration from their old system was a breeze, and they were up and running in a matter of weeks.

In addition to a better (and more integrated) ATS and CRM, the team also benefited from Tracker’s marketing and recruitment automation functionality. From automated sequences and candidate matching to quick and easy job board posting and sourcing, they now had the ability to grow successfully without missing any steps.

Marketing Management

The team was now able to both source and nurture candidates through automated marketing solutions. All built directly into their ATS/CRM.

Success with Sequences

From building custom email campaigns and using sequences, they’ve now been initiating the conversation with potential candidates. Tracker’s marketing and automation features allow recruiters to create both sequences of emails, texts, and workflows that are completely customized based on the data in the system.

This tool increased the productivity of their recruiters and marketing team by automating repetitive tasks, such as:

  • New applicant sequence with integrated web form for qualification survey
  • Automated sequences for engaging and nurturing passive candidates
  • Followup sequence for recruiters with emails, texts, and workflow updates or tasks
Better User Experience

Not only did they get to add in these vital workflows to enhance the candidate experience, they are able to improve their time-to-fill and increase placement ratio. In combination with the money saved in consolidating into one effective software system, the company was able to grow revenue without adding headcount. For the first time ever.

“Of all the software systems out there Tracker is by far the one that suits our way of working best – allowing us the flexibility to design our own workflows, integrate marketing with job activities and work with a simple and easy to work with interface. It’s flexible, user friendly and intuitive.”Tracker User

What sparingly existed before was now commonplace in their process. Which has proven important considering that 63% of job seekers will likely reject a job offer because of a bad candidate experience, according to data from G2.

Applied Automation

With Tracker, the firm was able to build automation into their candidate sourcing processes, all in one platform! No skipping around from tab to tab.

With these features in Tracker, recruiters log in each morning with a queue full of potential candidates. Then, they automatically vet and rank candidates with AI ranking and skills profiling. Next, they simply launch their top matched candidates on a sequence to take them through their submission and interviewing process.

Further, the use of these communication and workflow sequences allowed the team to standardize typical communication paths and provide a consistent experience for candidates, clients, and themselves.

All of these functions together save the recruiters tons of time sourcing, matching and engaging candidates. With this extra time in their day, they can focus more on what recruiters do best. Building relationships with candidates (and making placements).

Enhanced Cold Calling

Calling still has a place for the team, it’s just now far more strategic and less time consuming! With Tracker’s telesales campaigns quickly builds call lists that can be assigned to team members. A quick view of their attached history in the list and recruiters are able to have meaningful conversations. The team went a step further with Tracker’s CloudCall integration to really power up their telephony processes and analytics.


Of course building and sending these important communication pieces is one thing. Knowing if they are working is another. Using Tracker analytics, it’s easy to track the effectiveness of campaigns to know when tweaks may need to happen.

“Our company has benefited from being able to use analytics from the metrics we are now able to gather with custom fields that are industry and in-house specific to the key decision-makers here.”Tracker User

Recruitment Marketing Transformation Summary

Tracker offers the right tech for recruitment and staffing. Our intuitive features are designed to enable recruiters and build efficiencies from sourcing through placement and beyond. Our one-stop platform allows for integrated recruitment marketing across channels and tactics – all easily accessible from anywhere, anytime.

“TrackerRMS Evolution is a flexible, inclusive ATS that can support different workflows. I think the flexibility/customization is outstanding, on an individual or even team level, while still allowing organizational value through ease of data input and queries.”Tracker User

If your tech is hindering growth instead of supporting it, it’s time to find better tech.

See How We Help You Build Better.

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