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Candidate Onboarding Consulting

Work with a Tracker Pro to Optimize your Onboarding Process with Tracker Web Documents, Forms, Packs, Compliance, and More

What's Covered

  • Configuring Web Documents and Forms
  • Creating Document & Form Packs
  • Compliance & Facial Recognition
  • GDPR/CCPA Data Collection
  • Data Management Tools
  • RightSigntature Integration

What to Expect

  • How to utilize Onboarding tools to track new candidate onboarding success and activities
  • How to configure Onboarding tools supporting individual customer onboarding processes

What You'll Develop

  • Ability to organize and track onboarding initatives once a candidate receives an offer

Duration(1) 1 Hour Session
FormatInteractive Small Group

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Courtney Harchak
Team Leader for Client Success