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There are many parts to the process of effective recruitment, but at the end of the day, the most successful recruiters rely and focus on a few key elements: building and nurturing relationships, giving a great candidate experience, and accurate data.

And without accurate data, those other elements may not happen, or rather, may not happen as quickly as you’d like.

Recruitment software is a tool specifically designed to support and streamline the recruitment process. It’s a database to store jobs and candidate profiles. It’s a database to match applicants with relevant jobs. It’s a database to enhance the candidate relationships and have accurate and up-to-date information at your fingertips, anytime, anywhere.

We are able to reach out to clients, prospective clients and candidates in much easier fashion, with higher touch points and better results. The data and KPI’s in Tracker are also fantastic.” – Eric E., Tracker User

Recruiting Database Software Features for Candidate Relationship Management

The candidate experience can make or break your staffing and recruitment reputation. We all know bad experiences are shared and travel farther than good ones. And we also know the high value of employee referrals.

Recruiting software takes not only what you need, but also what you want within the candidate experience and makes it a reality in an efficient way.

Resume Management

Manual data entry is stealing hours a week from your team. Using recruitment software such as Tracker, you can create candidate profiles within seconds using our Resume Parsing feature. Our industry-leading parser technology can extract all candidate information, including scanned images, and create a talent pool database. We don’t stop there either. You can then quickly rank candidates based on skills, employment history, education, you name it.

Recruiting Information Management

In addition to creating accurate and fast candidate profiles, Tracker’s recruitment software provides more recruiting enhancements to streamline your process. One of those is our AI Ranking feature, which goes above just managing the candidate information, but also “learns” with each of their engagements within our applicant tracking system.

This feature combines resumes with Tracker history to give you and your team a clear cut picture on the candidate, their behaviors, and their fitness for the position.

Intelligent Search for Candidate Data

According to aLinkedIn article, passive job seekers account for 73% of all candidates. That’s a big number of people who would be willing to change jobs for the right position. And that’s where Tracker’s recruiting software and candidate-specific features can create a big return for your team. Using our Candidate Search feature with over 80 filters ensures you can pinpoint the best candidates for the job, whether active or passive. Full Boolean and Semantic search combined with radius view and intelligent ranking makes sure you’re connecting job seekers with the best job openings.

Security and Compliance

With clients in over 40 countries, we understand the importance and significance of security and compliance. Our HR software and Compliance feature allows you to build customized compliance packs for new or existing candidates. Using built-in facial recognition, you can collect photographic documents securely online.

Success Factors for Recruitment Database Software

Not all tech is created equally. Many recruitment software developers claim to have features to eliminate steps when they often make it more difficult. We strive to create recruiting software that simplifies, enhances, and supports the full recruitment process, saving both time and money.

This is why our applicant tracking system is an all-in-one. It’s both an ATS and a recruiting CRM with a fully-integrated database and management system to allow recruiters to stop spending time on repetitive tasks, and spend more time filling job openings and connecting with hiring managers.

High-Level Automation

Having the tools and features is one thing, but leading the industry is these tools and features is another and that’s what we do. Many of our features are industry-leading and paving the way in recruitment marketing, candidate relationship management, and applicant tracking.

Recruitment is finding the perfect balance between automation and personalization. We strive for all of our features to enhance every users experience.

Powerful Search Engine

Our candidate search is unmatched and if you don’t see or want to use one of our 80+ filters, you can create your own, specific to your company or job needs.

And the search doesn’t end with candidates, but continues with jobs as well, allowing you to search and scour the job boards for open positions to fit your candidates. All with only a few clicks to set up.

Advanced Security Features

Security and integrity of your data is of the utmost importance to Tracker, so we take every precaution to incorporate advanced security features to assure seamless and stress-free recruitment.

With TrackerRMS we can with relative ease get a complete view of all of our interactions with a couple of clicks. The reporting system allows for us to get live data at any time, and the database is flexible enough that we can quickly identify target candidates for our clients and present them seamlessly and effectively.” – Joseph K., Tracker User

How Can Tracker Recruitment Software Help Your Hiring Managers?

Recruiting systems and tools are meant to support your hiring managers in every step of the process. We’ve looked at the full recruitment and entire employee lifecycle and designed software features that build efficiencies, give back time, and provide accurate and relevant data.

Save Time and Boost Efficiency

Everything takes time and time is money. Using recruiting software not only saves time and money, but boosts efficiencies through automation. We know the full process and have developed our recruiting software to assist every step of the way, where it makes the most sense.

Beginning with job postings, our recruitment marketing software supports job records, job management, and even searching multiple job boards simultaneously.

After identifying job seekers, we support the hiring process through easy interview scheduling, candidate management, and pulling together the best talent pool for your positions.

Quick and easy reporting on an individual, team, or company level also creates alignment and assists in identifying quick opportunities for growth or needed improvement based on specific KPIs.

Follow that up with our collaboration features like TrackerChat and Task Board features to assure your team(s) are always on the same page, can quickly communicate no matter where they’re working from, and prioritize their tasks.

Improve Candidate Experience

The relationship and experience between a recruiter and candidate is vital to the success of your business. This is precisely why we built in our recruiting CRM into our ATS. To nurture and create the best candidate experience and to give recruiters tools to implement and automate all their wants without losing that personal touch.

Better Manage Client Relationships

Similar to the recruiter/candidate relationship the relationship and trust you build with your clients is just as vital. Our applicant tracking system allows for access for all parties, promoting collaboration and timely and efficient information, including resumes, video interviews or resumes, and more. All accessible anytime, anywhere through our mobile app.

When deciding what recruiting software tools to implement to enhance your business, it’s time to look into Tracker. We’ve collaborated with recruiting and staffing agencies to pinpoint their pain points and develop software that grows both relationships and bottom lines. We’ve made it easy and simple. One platform that encompasses it all: An ATS, a CRM, and a database. We’ve developed key integrations with LinkedIn, Chrome, Outlook, and more to give you seamless access without ever having to open multiple tabs again.

If you’re ready to take your placements and your business to the next level and be at the top of the competition, it’s time to connect with us to receive a free demo of our top features.

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