Before and After: A Recruitment Automation Transformation Story

From home renovations to the digital transformations of your staffing tech, before and after stories are a great way to discover potential.

In our third before and after story, see how a recruitment firm flipped their recruitment strategy and processes with Tracker Automation.

At Tracker, our team is regularly part of some incredible staffing technology transformations with new clients implementing Tracker to streamline their recruitment processes. This is one of those stories.

Tracker can help me do my job and [automate] essential emails, marketing, tracking, reporting and [more]. It makes my job much more effective. – Tracker User

Before Tracker Recruitment Automation Transformation

The Team

A small, niche recruiting team, like most teams and companies, has not gone unscathed from the effects of the pandemic. They have struggled on all fronts, faced with staffing challenges of their own as well as those of their customers.

Their team is comprised of highly qualified recruiters who are feeling the effects of burnout — not to mention, customers who are becoming frustrated with empty positions. One of the biggest challenges within this team is the lack of consistency between team members. From being too busy to touch base with each other for support to having different methods of tracking their candidates and needs, most days are spent spinning their wheels rather than being productive.

As a small team that is finding it harder to find and nurture candidates, they knew they needed to change their processes to get on the same page for themselves and for their clients.

While tech is a part of their process, it hasn’t been as useful as they thought. With a multitude of sign-ins and apps, along with excel files and tab-hopping, they realized they spend a good part of their day with the tedious tasks rather than building relationships and focusing on candidate nurturing.

The Processes

The processes and tools used within this intimate recruiting team is varied and inconsistent. Preferences precede function, creating an environment suited to individual recruiters, rather than a cohesive and effective process.

The team shows a specific preference for the external tools used and data isn’t effectively collected or easily available. This only creates more frustration as it adds more time to get up to speed when team members need to support each other when people are out of the office. Or, when someone joins the great resignation and managers have to figure out what is going on with their pipeline.

The team understands they need to simplify and streamline to keep up with demand. They need technology and processes that can help them standardize their processes, manage data and activities, as well as ensure recruiters aren’t wasting time with manual logins and tasks. Ideally, they find a comprehensive system that can manage and reduce time-sucking necessary tasks, and that can not only maintain but grow their candidate pool for their clients.

The Challenges

  1. Inconsistent Processes – With every team member managing their candidates on their own with different processes and systems, it’s hard to function well and be effective as a team — not to mention the extra costs of different apps and licenses.
  2. Poor Task Management – From personal tasks to the tedious everyday tasks necessary for each recruiter, it’s a challenge to find time to nurture and build relationships rather than be all consumed with data entry, searching, and reporting.
  3. Lack of Team Communication – It’s not that the team doesn’t want to communicate, but they are so busy with everything else that it’s been a challenge to find a time that works for everyone to stay on the same page. This also includes reporting and simple updates.
  4. Client Growth – While maybe not effectively, they maintain their current workload and client needs adequately, but they want to be able to grow themselves and their client base. They need something that can shift their time from maintenance mode to growth.

Summary of Challenges

To seek the growth they want without completely burning out, they need to invest in recruitment software that can get everyone on the same page. A platform that can manage the maintenance while also supporting business growth for all parties.


After Tracker Recruitment Automation Transformation

While there are many options for recruitment software available, finding one that checked all the necessary boxes for present capacity and future growth and maintenance was rather slim. Selecting Tracker was an easy choice for its imbedded Automation functionality, features and plans to support their entire business, as well as an incredible support team.

Getting on Track(er)

While an adjustment at first, the team quickly adapted and appreciated the simplicity of everything they need in one place from which to work. Tracker’s support team made sure everything from all their multiple other sources was seamlessly integrated, plus they showed them the ropes with personalized training and consulting so the team could ramp up in a matter of weeks, not months.

The immediate excitement to automatically update data records was well-received as it was quickly identified that records were out of date or duplicated.

As the team continued to get comfortable within the system, it became easy to share relevant information, like short and long lists, and build candidate profiles together as a team, allowing for faster searches. This also meant they were able to eliminate all those extra costs like licenses and apps that weren’t supportive to the team as a whole.

Tracker Evolution is a flexible, inclusive ATS that can support different workflows. I think the flexibility/customization is outstanding, on an individual or even team level, while still allowing organizational value through ease of data input and queries.” – Tracker User 

Automating Tasks

When the tedious, yet necessary everyday tasks take over, it means a loss of productivity. With a small team facing burnout, being able to automate these tasks was like a breath of fresh air and welcomed with immense elation.

Pleasantly surprised, the team found that they also now had the ability to send notifications and reminders to other team members as well as event-triggered surveys. Knowing that they not only had the capability of what they needed, but resources to go above and beyond to effectively do their jobs was a huge bonus.

With sourcing being extremely critical at the moment (and always), Tracker’s Watchdogs feature was one way in which this small team could do more than meets the eye with manpower alone. This feature was an unanticipated feature that has enabled the team to do so much more with less. This allowed them to find qualified candidates 24/7 and automatically email any matches with personalized communications (even while they were asleep at night)!

“Tracker works with the latest automation technologies. (such as – having your data encrypted, text messaging, document signing, integrating with all the job boards and much more.” – Diana G.

Consistent Communication

Communication is a foundational pillar in any recruitment team or company. This small team realized they couldn’t consistently communicate with each other or their candidates and clients in the way or time they wanted.

For internal communication, the TrackerChat feature has proven to be incredibly useful and supportive for both in-office and out-of-office communication. Team members love the ability to mention candidates and link their profiles to others without having to email, call, or stop by. This feature has been it incredibly easy for team members to stay in touch, wherever they are working from. The team has already seen more communication and cohesiveness with this simple yet highly useful feature.

But the icing on the cake for the team has been the automated communication for nurturing candidates and building relationships. The ability to send out engaging communications based on sequences that are set up (through specific actions) has not only significantly reduced manual time to do so but allowed the team to send more personalized communications to stay ahead.

From emails and texts to candidates and clients, automating communications through Tracker is easy and effective and has saved the time countless additional hours and struggles with when and what to send. Or worse yet, forgetting altogether. Tracker Automation takes the guesswork out of their process and builds efficiencies they’ve never had before.

“We reviewed a ton of ATS/CRM systems, and Tracker is the most comprehensive system that caters to our needs. It enables us to very specifically categorize our candidates by not only their job category but their specific area of expertise and supplementary skills. This allows us to hone in on the right candidates for a given position quickly. Tracker also makes our client prospecting and management process easy and efficient. It helps us follow up effectively and not drop the ball on relationships.” – Ryan R.

All-Around Growth

The success behind Tracker’s ATS is that it looks at all parties involved in the recruitment process, from the recruiter’s themselves to the candidates and clients.

This small recruitment team didn’t only want to maintain and grow their own business, but also those of their clients for current and future business success.

Ensuring they were able to find qualified candidates quickly for their clients was of upmost importance.

Automation by Tracker has allowed the team to work efficiently. While they need more recruiters, Tracker has allowed them to maintain and enhance their process, reducing the time from sourcing to placement. This in turn has given them the time to build their relationships with their clients and candidates, ensuring long-lasting success in placements and eventually, in their business growth.


Recruitment Automation Transformation Summary

In only a few months, this small, struggling team on the verge of complete burnout has turned around and become a comprehensive team that is able to work smarter not harder. They have been able to not only maintain but begin to grow their business with confidence.

“There is so much capability within their system to have the best data possible. Specifically, their reporting tool is incredibly robust and ideal for any admin. Along with having SO many incredible features, their support team is absolutely unparalleled.” – Jessica F.

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