Innovative Integrations that Streamline Your Processes (and Your Tabs)

Work faster and close some extra tabs with these innovative implementations Tracker has incorporated in our ATS and CRM platform.

Innovation is practically synonymous with technology. But not all technology is innovative or even supportive. In other words, just because you can, it is necessary, and is it worth it?

At Tracker, we believe in innovation through our software technology, but only if it makes sense to those we serve and can become a solution for their challenges rather than a burden to incorporate or use.

As we look at innovative technology in the recruitment and staffing industry, we don’t just take guesses and hope for the best. We survey and talk with our current clients to figure out their pain points. We see what trends are emerging in the industry to align our features for effective implementation. We also have a large employee base who’s been on both sides and understand how recruiters think and where efficiencies can be built.

Not all innovations need to be the bells and whistles. Sometimes, it’s the smaller innovations, such as the daily tasks that add up quickly, that make the biggest impact overall. And focusing on optimizing and integrating with the tools you need is a sure way to grow your business.

Understanding how to optimize the job recruitment process can shorten the hiring cycle by 60% while improving quality.

Let’s take a look at some of the ways we have implemented innovated technology in our ATS and CRM platform.

1. Integrations for Job Posting

Let’s start at the beginning of your recruitment process, getting your job posted out to all of your websites, job boards, and social channels.

This necessary (and often time-consuming) task can make or break whether you get your job out in front of the right people fast.

Not only does Tracker have automated job posting on the 1,000s of sites, we also know the importance of it being easily integrated into your own company website and social properties.

As technology has grown, so has all the places where you can post jobs. Trying to keep up with it (and optimize your post for higher ranking) can seem like a never-ending job.

Check out these quick stats on where people are finding jobs:

  • Online Job Platforms – 51%
  • Friend/Referral – 45%
  • Company’s Website – 35%


If you want to get in front of candidates fast, integrating automated features like posting your job to all your platforms, boards, and properties (at once) is life-changing.

Website Integration with Jobs+

Jobs+ is a supplemental service in which Tracker builds and optimizes the job posting microsite on your website. This built-in technology will ensure your job postings are formatted and optimized for search (including Google Jobs), as well as enable further distribution of your jobs postings via social media, candidate email alerts, and more.

89% of job seekers agree that an employer’s career website is important for finding key information.

Job Board Integration

Job Board Post is one of the most critical aspects in the recruitment lifecycle, ensuring that your Jobs attract the best talent from over 1000+ job boards around the world.

Tracker’s job board posting starts with a fully automated parsing of the job specification, creating a post-ready version that you can instantly post to your own website using our simple integrated job publishing function, or push out to any of your subscribed job boards from a single page.

With our fully integrated partnerships with the leading multi-posters such as Broadbean and LogicMelon, your core posting service is included in our Job Board plan meaning no 3rd party contracts required.

Social Media Integration

At Tracker, we are proud to partner with one of the premier social enabling platforms on the market, Paiger. With Tracker & Paiger, your jobs and other relevant content get pushed out to all of your channels at once, as well as to your employees profiles as desired. It doesn’t only save your entire team time, but it amplifies your reach incredibly.

Additionally, you are able to post your jobs directly to your social properties (with one click) with Tracker’s core system. If you would like to really take your social posting to the next level, check out Paiger.

2. Integrations for Sourcing

When the best candidates are scooped up within 10 days of being on the market and when a new position takes an average of 27 days to fill, sourcing effectively and efficiently becomes a priority.

Start Sourcing Easier with Our Candidate Sourcing E-Book Here

A CareerPlug candidate survey showed that 84% of respondents felt responsiveness after initially applying was important or very important as well as transparency in the hiring process.

Job Board Watchdogs for Auto Sourcing

One innovation that has set Tracker apart is our Job Boards Watchdogs feature. We like to say it’s “sourcing while you sleep.” When you set up a watchdog through Tracker based on an open position, our system works 24/7 searching and scanning all the job boards for new candidates who are a match based on your filters and requirements.

The real game-changer is our auto-parse and auto-engage components to this feature so you can quickly create a candidate profile and send out a personalized email to schedule a call. All of this with only two clicks to set-up.

This is one of our favorite features that is quick to set-up and reaps many rewards through constant monitoring and immense timesaving.

A 2018 study showed that recruiters spent on average a third of their workweek sourcing candidates! We know it hasn’t gotten easier, but with Watchdogs, you can take that time back!

LinkedIn Integration

We know LinkedIn reigns King when it comes to professional networking and hiring. In fact, 77% of recruiters rely on LinkedIn to source and build relationships with potential and current candidates.

It’s also an incredible source for passive candidates (depending on your industry of course). Passive candidates make up the most of your potential candidate pool.

So it was obvious LinkedIn needed to be integrated into our platform, but in what way? Well, we decided on two key integrations. The first being our LinkedIn X-Ray search, which gives all users free rein access to the entire LinkedIn database, regardless of their network.

Secondly, we integrated through a LinkedIn Chrome extension, meaning you don’t need to spend time logging in and out or open multiple tabs. You can be in LinkedIn and easily create profiles, short lists, and much more in Tracker without leaving LinkedIn.

Auto Match in Your Own Database

When it comes to sourcing candidates out of your own database, the process can often feel tedious and lacking. If your firm utilizes an effective ATS, and uses it effectively (bye bye post-it notes!), then sourcing out of your own data becomes a no brainer. After all, it’s your data.

You can take candidate search to the next level with Tracker’s Auto Match (powered by Textkernel). This automation is designed to ensure that all Candidates placed in Tracker are checked against your open jobs constantly.

By performing a reverse search, we can compare the resumes of all new Candidates against the search criteria defined on open jobs and alert recruiters that they may be suitable for their role (automatically).

Recruiters enjoy the complete control of configuring their Auto Match rules based on the skills, location, job title, and more. Additionally, depending on the need, recruiters can match candidates to an existing job req OR can match job postings to a particular candidate.

Auto Match takes a tedious and manual task and automates it so recruiters can get on with narrowing down their list of top candidate, and making connections.

Ready to Save Time and Do More? Get Your Demo of Tracker Here.

3. Integrations for Candidate Engagement

Innovations that add up to big time savings and efficiencies are critical for any growing staffing or recruiting firm. There are some additional tech integrations that support teams to work better together, create better candidate experience, and make placements faster.

Cloudcall Telephony

CloudCall integrates your communications with Tracker, helping you track all your client relationships, candidate applications and jobs in one place.

Improve efficiency by making calls with a single click from TrackerRMS or any Google Chrome webpage, saving you time to have more conversations. With built-in call controls from TrackerRMS, you can manage your communications in one place.

Reduce the time spent on admin tasks by adding & logging notes directly to contacts’ record in Tracker. All calls are recorded, with playback available on the candidate and client records, ensuring that all important conversations are captured.

Access a full view of your team’s engagement and communication with candidates and clients through an advanced reporting suite and dashboards with key metrics around call volumes, duration and frequency.

Texting and Mobile Engagement

Text Messages are quickly becoming more effective than email in communicating with Candidates due to their immediate and brief nature.

Avoid being one more email that ends up as spam or junk, or a phone call that gets sent straight to voicemail. Texting allows you to get your message in front of a candidate and viewed quickly, which allows for greater visibility.

Ensure that all incoming and outgoing text messages are tracked against a contact’s record, so as your team is reaching out to potential clients or candidates. With Tracker’s SMS integrations, all texts are automatically logged and tracked on the candidate record.

If you want to send the same text to multiple Candidates, for example to know their availability for next week, you can send bulk texts and sequence text through our integrations with ZipWhip.

Access Anywhere

When speed is so important, so is accessibility. Reviewing potential candidates, communicating, and more, having access when and where you need it may be the difference between a placement and a missed opportunity.

Your entire network of users, candidates and clients will enjoy the access they get from 100% functionality on both Tracker as well as both Client and Candidate Portals with our mobile app.

Tracker makes accessibility easy for everyone, including clients and candidates. Our one platform, cloud-based software is accessible wherever you have an internet connection. Our mobile app and candidate portal make it easy to upload, review, and send documents when you need to.

Ease Onboarding

Tracker comes with the ability to create and send custom forms with electronic signatures that come back into the ATS/CRM system, powered by our electronic signature partner RightSignature.

4. Integrations for User Success

Just as we said above, it’s not always the fancy innovations that offer the most, but rather many small innovations that add up to big time savings and efficiencies. Below are some other features Tracker offers that support teams to work better together and to place candidates faster.

Outlook and Gmail Add-Ons

Seamlessly send and receive emails from one place instead of having multiple tabs open.


A click to call feature with auto-logging and recording capabilities.

Zapier Integration

Allows clients to hook into events that occur within TrackerRMS (called Triggers) and when these triggers happen, can action something in another application such as Sage, Quickbooks, Google, Hubspot, and more.


Stay connected with your team anytime, anywhere with TrackerChat. Built-in chat allows for quick exchanges of information and messaging.

In Summary of Integrations that Rock

Integrations should always enhance the experience for the users, never take away or make more work. Tracker’s innovative integrations have proven over and over through our clients to be effective and important additions that have supported both everyday business and overall business growth.

“I like that Tracker RMS was integrated with our email systems, integrated with LinkedIn and offered a texting solution. In addition, the system was easy to use and learn and the support has been great.” – Jeff J.

If you’re ready to optimize and (easily) integrate, Tracker is your partner. Our cloud-based software is a one-stop platform for all of your ATS and CRM needs. Schedule your demo to see for yourself how we can help you grow even faster.

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