Provide Consulting Case Study

Provide Consulting Ltd. is an award-winning specialist IT Recruitment firm that is known for their innovative, focused approach to sourcing the very best people – for their own business and their clients.

The Company

For over 10 years, Provide Consulting Ltd. has been supporting many of the world’s leading technology super brands. However, it is not just the big companies who rely on Provide Consulting Ltd. to find exceptional contract and permanent staff.

Provide Consulting Ltd. has become renowned as the go-to agency for fast-growing technology SMEs and entrepreneurs. In fact, Provide Consulting Ltd.’s teams have a specialist division solely dedicated to helping smaller enterprising businesses move through rapid growth to phenomenal success.

The Challenge

The team was looking to move away from Bullhorn after moving from Bond Adapt. Several Recruitment Software companies were shortlisted after a detailed RFI was completed.

As a lead and new business focused firm, they needed the ability to qualify leads prior to them becoming live jobs to improve their ratios around lead conversions and placements. They also needed to mail shot both personalized and HTML emails directly from the new system. Lastly, they wanted to run internal telesales campaigns throughout the lead generation cycle.

“Moving from Bullhorn to TrackerRMS was a tough call and a very difficult business decision, but we made the right choice. From day one the TrackerRMS account team have had regular meetings to review and understand our way of working. I have lost count of all the things that the TrackerRMS team has done for us, and I highly recommend them to all recruitment companies.”

The Solution

TrackerRMS was chosen after a thorough review of a few Recruitment Software companies on the market, based on several factors.

How We Helped

  1. The TrackerRMS system had the best look and feel, navigation, and ease of use from the shortlisted options.
  2. The TrackerRMS pricing was clear with no extra hidden costs. The system, due to its CRM functionality offered a more feature-rich solution than its competitors.
  3. TrackerRMS could be customized to suit the Provide Consulting Ltd. Business needs, allowing users to configure a system to meet their needs and not the other way around. This was vital as user adoption was poor with their previous systems.
  4. The automatic updating of consultant KPIs and figures within the dashboard area meant that the business could easily provide a complete all-in-one system that included marketing campaigns, online timesheets, and real-time reporting for accounts.
  5. TrackerRMS provided a new functionality to meet the needs of Provide Consulting Ltd. from day one and several key features were designed and implemented to go live.
  6. The TrackerRMS technical team had expert Data Migration knowledge of Bullhorn and could guide and offer advice for the whole implementation for Data Migration to go live.

The Results

The transfer from Bullhorn to TrackerRMS needed to be smooth, and it was. From there, the team quickly embedded TrackerRMS as their day-to-day system.

The layout of client and candidate screens allowed the consultants to instantly see a holistic view of their accounts and new business leads increased by 65% due to the adoption of a new centralized way of managing the lead process.

About Tracker

Tracker is a leading recruitment and applicant tracking software designed for staffing agencies of all sizes. Our industry-leading support, onboarding and technology will improve both your recruitment speed, process and quality. With over 20 years of experience, our ATS System is built with you, the staffing professional, in mind.

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