4 Tech Trends in the Staffing Industry to Watch

Technology offers the ability to streamline processes, increase speed, and take on tedious tasks (that we don’t want to do).

That said, not all tech is created equal. And not all tech is useful.

Let’s be honest. Many developers can create tech to solve a problem. Where technology can fail is not understanding the why or how behind the solution. The most effective tech is that which is thoroughly thought through for the current situation and future ones.

Additionally, if a software or platform is a) to expensive or b) too difficult to use, you are going to have a hard time finding the ROI in that staffing technology.

Tracker Stacks Up

At Tracker, we’re not just software developers that happen to work in the recruiting and staffing industry.

Our entire leadership team has spent decades working in the recruitment field, and we understand the nuances that come with the process. We know what problems to solve because we’ve been there. And if a client is in a new circumstance we haven’t seen, we collaborate to build a solution together.

As we’ve immersed ourselves into both the recruiting and tech communities, we’ve noticed some tech trends that are taking off.

Staffing Tech Trend #1: Virtual Interviewing and Onboarding 

A more obvious trend because of the pandemic, recruiters found themselves scrambling to figure out the best way to interview remotely. Of course third-party apps like Zoom, Google Teams, and Skype were available, but capabilities were, and still are, limited. 

“Though 77% of recruiters believe in-person interviews are the most effective way to qualify a candidate, 61% say they believe video interviews will be the default interview mode moving forward.” 

Understanding that this trend is here to stay, the right tech to support a successful virtual interview or onboarding training is vital. And it’s not just about the interview itself. It’s the prep of interview questions. Sending out the correct links to the right candidates. And scheduling the interview itself! 

The interview process (especially scheduling) has had a reputation of being a recruiters nightmare. Hours can be spent just trying to connect with candidates to schedule an interview, only to be cancelled or postponed because of conflicts. 

Tracker’s video interview feature was our solution. This feature allows unlimited sets of questions that can be sent out to multiple candidates simultaneously. The best part; you don’t need to schedule it! The candidate records their interview in their own time (and on their preferred device), then submits it back to you. 

You receive alerts for submitted interviews and can then leave comments, ratings, or send directly to the client.

With onboarding, we at Tracker recommend starting by nailing down your process. Then, through sequences, our candidate planner, compliance module, (and more), your team can streamline onboarding through technology. Read more about this process here.

Staffing Tech Trend #2: Marketing & CRM

According to a State of the Staffing Nation report, “41% of staffing firms say it takes their recruiters more than six hours to respond to new leads.” 

Does six hours seem reasonable to you? This about how many possible resumes you can receive for one job. Multiple that by the number of job orders you have open, and you might find yourself caught up in an endless race. Worst off, losing valuable candidates due to poor experience and timing.

More and more recruiting, staffing, and even HR Managers are looking for CRM systems to enhance engagement and a positive candidate and employee experience. 

Unfortunately, marketing and engagement often get pushed to the bottom of the priority list. Many would say it’s definitely a need, but there isn’t enough time. In today’s fast-paced, employee driven environment, marketing needs to move up the list in your tech stack. 

Between Tracker’s Marketing and Automation features and our Sales and CRM features, all your marketing wants can easily become integrated. Using our pre-made templates, sequences,  and lead management, will ensure a more positive candidate experience without sacrificing more time.

We even outrank Bullhorn in Recruiting Marketing by 20%.

Where else can you find opportunities in marketing and CRM tech? In boosting referral programs. Referrals still remain the best source for qualified candidates. So why not use marketing and CRM systems to automatically nurture top candidates for referrals?

The opportunities are endless. For more recruitment marketing ideas, check out our tips on applicant engagement, candidate sourcing, social media recruitment, and website integration.

Staffing Tech Trend #3: AI & Automation

The idea and use of artificial intelligence (AI) has been around for years, but its sophistication has increased exponentially to support recruiting and staffing firms. 

How is AI used effectively in your tech stack? 

Much of the original purpose for AI was to take those tedious, repetitive tasks off the plates of humans, allowing for more time for other priorities. From automated resume parsing to ranking relevancy of resumes to watchdogs and auto match, Tracker enables AI throughout your recruitment process.

Another hot topic for AI in staffing is contactless hiring. We discussed virtual interviewing and onboarding above, and AI can play a big role in this process. AI has enabled the ability to instantly interact based on responses. This eliminates both time and money. Messages and documents can quickly be distributed with pre-designed sequences.

The AI trend isn’t new to Tracker. In fact, our AI Ranking feature goes a step beyond ranking based on resumes and relevancy, but also includes engagement stored within our Tracker system. Because while a resume tells one story, how the candidate engages and their overall history with interviewing and placements also need to be considered. You may have someone on paper who’s perfect, but in person isn’t a great fit. This comprehensive AI solution allows for a more complete candidate profile to truly rank the best for each position. 

Staffing Tech Trend #4: Diversity and Inclusion

Not necessarily a tech trend, but a trend you can certainly optimize with technology. Diversity and inclusion has been an initiative that every company should be prioritizing. In this employee-driven market, candidates are inquiring about diversity and inclusion more frequently. In addition, a Jobvite survey revealed 22% of companies naming diversity and inclusions goals as their top priority. 

Tech like Tracker can support this initiative. Using sophisticated candidate searches and unbiased AI technology, recruiters can quickly and efficiently use custom and key searches to create shortlists for good matches, without room for bias and with a focus on inclusion.

Optimizing Tech Trends in Staffing with Tracker

Tracker offers intuitive and time-saving features to support your recruitment team in redeploying and reengaging your most qualified candidates, efficiently. Our multitude of candidate tracking, engagement, and management features allow you and your team to work smarter, not harder for all around success. 

Trackeris a leadingrecruitmentandapplicant tracking softwaredesigned forstaffingagencies of all sizes. Our industry-leading support, onboarding and technology will improve both your recruitment speed, process and quality. With over 15 years of experience, ourATS Systemis built with you, the staffing professional, in mind. 

Want to see these staffing tech trends in action? Contact us for a free demo and consultation of Tracker’s time-making features. 👇

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